The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 176 - Getting To Know Yana High School

Chapter 176 - Getting To Know Yana High School

Yun Yi knew a long time ago that his younger sister was joining the overseas study trip representing her school. However, he was still anticipating it when he realized that he got to travel abroad with his baby sister.

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Spreading his long legs to walk toward Yun Jian, Yun Yi wore a sweet smile on his handsome face. "Xiao Jian, you’re here?"

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded and pointed at Chen Xinyi beside her to introduce the girl. "She’s my friend, Chen Xinyi."

Chen Xinyi could not help being thrilled as this was the first time Yun Jian had addressed her as her friend in front of someone else.

Truthfully, Yun Jian had already taken Chen Xinyi as a friend when they had already spent such a long time together. It was just that this was her first time to announce it aloud.

"Nice to meet you, I’m Chen Xinyi. You’re Jian Jian’s elder brother, right? It’s great to meet you..." Chen Xinyi introduced herself with a hearty laugh looking at Yun Yi’s charming features.

"Mm, nice to meet you too." Yun Yi nodded, his short hair moving with the motion.

"Students, are you all ready? Gather now to board the bus, we’re departing!" The supervising teacher who was standing at Di Yi Senior High School’s gate shouted while waving her arm. Her voice was sweet and melodious.

The supervising teacher in charge of taking the students abroad was Miss Ding. She had the looks as sweet as her voice sounded and appeared to be around twenty to twenty-five years of age. There were two teachers. The other was Miss Kong.

"Let’s go then." Yun Yi’s hair fluttered as he flicked his head to glance and turned back to tell Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi, earning a nod from both girls.

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Xu Haozhe was not here this time. Those who made it to the trip were students who scored the best in their schools in the English subject. Students whose results were excellent but had lacking English results did not get to make the cut, thus Xu Haozhe did not qualify.

Even though he did not have Xu Haozhe by his side, Yun Yi was pleased that his baby sister managed to join him.

The students poured into the bus swiftly. After a few hours, they arrived at the provincial airport and boarded the plane to Country Y.

The location of their study trip was a top campus of Country Y named Yana High School.

Yana High School consisted of both junior and senior high schools and was globally leading in its academic standards. The school got its name from its first female principal. It had been several centuries since the establishment of Yana High School and it was situated in a rich local culture as well.

Country Y, the entrance of Yana High School.

"Wow, Jian Jian, this is the famous Yana High School! It really lives up to its name as a renowned campus that is centuries old! Look, just their gate already surpasses our school!" Chen Xinyi was the first to come down from the bus. She held Yun Jian’s hand in both joy and excitement while she exclaimed.

Those who graduated from Yana High School’s college entrance exam and enrolled in universities of international prestige, they had an enrolment rate reaching up to eighty percent. This was also the reason that Yana High School was one of the best high schools in the world.

Miss Ding and Miss Kong interrupted the students’ clamor after communicating with the foreign receiving teacher from Yana High School.

"Kids, this is Yana High School’s Miss Madge. Her Chinese name is Maqi and she knows how to speak Mandarin. If you have anything that you’re unsure of during this period of time, you can ask Miss Madge." Miss Ding sweetly quieted the ecstatic students and introduced the fair-skinned woman standing beside her.

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