The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 177 - Why did you snatChapter the bed I wanted then?

Chapter 177 - Why did you snatChapter the bed I wanted then?

Miss Madge was a local from Country Y. She was fair-skinned with big blue eyes that seemed to see through everything.

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After listening to what Miss Ding said, Miss Madge introduced herself with a slightly effortful Mandarin, "Hi everyone, I’m Maqi. You can call me by my Chinese name or Miss Madge!"

She flashed them a wide grin showing her pearly whites and made a funny face as well.

The students were tickled by Miss Maqi’s unexpected funny face and had a penchant for the foreign teacher.

"Alright, doesn’t Country Z have a saying, keep long words short? I’ll keep long words short today. You’ll follow me to tour around the campus and I’ll take you to your assigned rooms after that."

"Today’s purpose is for you to be familiarised with the school grounds."

Miss Maqi then snapped her fingers and said brightly, "Now come with me, everyone! Let’s go around the campus."

Miss Maqi’s humorous tone and her discordant Mandarin were what amused the students.

Yun Jian did not laugh along but Chen Xinyi who was beside her had been cackling.

Soon, Miss Maqi led them into the school.

Yana High School was truly centuries old, as its architectural style and the land it covered was incomparable to ordinary high schools and senior high schools.

In spite of it, these lofty majestic structures were one of the most ordinary that Yun Jian had seen.

Chen Xinyi and Yun Yi who were beside her, however, were seeing grand buildings like these for the first time and they could not help making double takes along their way.

Two to three hours had since passed to cover half of the school ground. On the way, the students would even stop and stare when they saw things that were new to them.

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Even when they had only explored half of the campus, the students could not bear to continue the excursion. Yana High School was too huge.

Hence, Miss Maqi led the students to the accommodation that the school had prepared for them.

Here, four people shared a room.

Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi were in the same room while the other two girls who shared their room were Di Yi Senior High School’s top students.

Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian had gotten into the dorm first. Entering the room with their backpacks, Chen Xinyi habitually looked for a favorable bed and was about to remove her backpack and place it there when one of the other two girls ran over and knocked her off harshly.

The girl put her things on the bed and loudly declared her right, "I saw this bed first. Look for another bed!"

She sounded so self-righteous as if what belonged to her was snatched and she was wanting it back now.

The collision almost knocked Chen Xinyi to the floor and it was Yun Jian who caught her from the side that prevented her from falling down.

Being pushed for no reason, someone with a good temper would not have endured it. What was more, this was Chen Xinyi,

After securing herself, Chen Xinyi turned and shouted at the girl who had pushed her, "Why did you shove me away!?"

Her tone was tinged with a hint of anger.

The girl actually rolled her eyes at Chen Xinyi as she flicked her hair. Her ashy face under her thick makeup was a frightening appearance, as she pulled a disgusted face at Chen Xinyi. She accused Chen Xinyi instead, "Why did you snatch the bed I wanted then?"

Her reason for shoving Chen Xinyi was simple, just because the latter had picked the bed that she wanted.

Chen Xinyi was wrathful in seconds.

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