The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 178 - An Unreasonable Girl And The Foreign Students

Chapter 178 - An Unreasonable Girl And The Foreign Students

"The bed you want? This isn’t your house! Plus I didn’t even know that you wanted this bed, are you crazy!" Chen Xinyi was not mild tempered. Being bulldozed, she naturally felt more enraged than everyone else as she bellowed at the girl.

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The girl was Liu Xiuxiu. She had a fresh youthful look but the paint on her face covered her natural appearance and made her look freakish instead.

Liu Xiuxiu had a notion of thought since she was a young girl. – She would never allow others to take what she wanted.

Chen Xinyi’s action had undeniably defied her inherent values, so she broke out cursing, "You’re the crazy one! Your whole family is crazy! I want this bed so it’s mine, I don’t need any reason! You..."

Liu Xiuxiu was even going to hit Chen Xinyi but she was stopped by another girl who had run in through the door.

She put herself between Liu Xiuxiu and Chen Xinyi once she ran in, telling her, "Xiuxiu, don’t be like this! They’ve picked the beds first, we came in late."

After that, she turned around to smile awkwardly at Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian. "Hey junior sisters, sorry, Xiuxiu has always been like this. Don’t mind her."

Seeing that the girl seemed sincere, Chen Xinyi did not plan to harp on the subject. She turned around to pick another two beds with Yun Jian and unpacked her luggage.

"Tsch! Who do you think you are..." Liu Xiuxiu was placated by the girl but she glared daggers at Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian, still holding a grudge.

Liu Xiuxiu was a top student, Di Yi Senior High School’s top student.

In spite of it, what caused others’ aversion about her was that she gave everyone the cold shoulder thinking that she was the best student in her grade, even assuming that everyone else should bow down to her as they deserved to be her stepping stone.

The girl who came to mediate the situation was Tong Yulan.

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Tong Yulan excelled in her studies too, being another student in Di Yi Senior High School.

Nonetheless, she was only above the average line in a place where prodigies and scholars thrived, like at Di Yi Senior High School. What made her stand out was probably her English results.

She and Liu Xiuxiu were classmates but they were not friends. It was due to certain reasons that Liu Xiuxiu accepted her friendly gesture.

If it were not due to this study trip abroad and the fact that they were the only two girls in the class, Tong Yulan was unwilling to hang around someone like Liu Xiuxiu.

The petty fight did not end here. Liu Xiuxiu’s favorite thing to do was to hang on to trivial grudges like this. Since she held a grudge against Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi, there would be a continuation...

At this time, Liu Xiuxiu did not even understand the saying that one would not die had they not flirt with death. Of course, this was all in retrospect.

After Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian unpacked their belongings, they went downstairs to assemble.

Miss Maqi was already there waiting for them.

When the girls got down, they saw Yun Yi and their peers standing there as well from afar.

What varied from the earlier gathering was that there were a handful of foreign students who looked about their age among them, but the atmosphere did not seem amiable.

The fair-skinned foreign student who stood in the center was teasing the group in fluent English, "You brats from Country Z look frail and weak just like a bunch of sticks."

The foreign student had even flaunted his muscles. "This is what a real man should look like!"

His words were indirectly mocking Yun Yi and the other boys whose bodies looked like a woman’s.

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