The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 179 - Test It. A Somersault

Chapter 179 - Test It. A Somersault

The foreign student’s name was Charlie Lawson.

Lawson was always up to mischief, usually pulling pranks on his teachers. Now that he saw Yun Yi and the other boys, his instinct was tingling as he went ahead with his taunts.

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The other foreign boys standing beside Lawson cackled when they heard his remarks.

Miss Maqi was put in an awkward position and was helpless in this situation.

"Your muscles are huge and look very manly." Right when the Country Z boys were seething with clenched fists, Yun Jian’s melodious voice spoke in native English, surprising the group.

While they were shocked at the eloquence of Yun Jian’s English, Country Z’s students were boiling with anger.

How could Yun Jian compliment Lawson?

Lawson was not just making fun of them just now, he was ridiculing everyone of Country Z yet Yun Jian was helping an outsider?

Yun Yi was astonished too but he knew that his younger sister would never deride her own people.

When Lawson heard Yun Jian’s compliment, he laughed, nearly exclaiming out loud about his charisma that captivated even the girl from the opposing side.

Yun Jian’s offhand comments continued. "It’s too bad that your muscles are big but you’re good for nothing. You look strong on the outside but you aren’t actually capable. You’re just a joke."

Yun Jian’s tone was blasé but the indifference was unnerving.

Country Z’s students were impressed by Yun Jian. She had given their opponent a hard jab yet at the same time gave him a compliment.

They felt satisfied by Yun Jian’s retort.

"What?!" Lawson looked scandalized as he fumed.

Being pointed out as having just the looks without any substance by a small girl enraged him.

"Didn’t you hear me?" Yun Jian blinked prettily and said, "I said that... you’re just a joke!"

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It was a mock but when it came from Yun Jian’s mouth, it sounded as innocent as a casual reply.

Even then, Lawson was raging.

"You! Good job!" Lawson spat through his gritted teeth. He glared at Yun Jian menacingly and jeered in extreme provocation, "Since you say that my muscles are just all looks and do nothing, let’s have a 1v1 from anyone of you against me if you have the guts!"

Lawson’s 1v1 referred to a brawl.

Teachers in Country Y were not opposed to students fighting and challenging each other, so Miss Maqi did not stop them.

"No problem," Yun Jian answered with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t. Her flippant gaze enraged Lawson further.

"Come on." Yun Jian hooked her pinky finger at Lawson.

Did she mean that she was going to fight Lawson?

The students from Country Z widened their eyes. What Yun Jian did just now was gratifying but she... How was she going to fight Lawson?

It was not just because girls are generally not stronger than boys, look at Lawson – he was at least 1.9m tall and the size difference between him and Yun Jian was heaven and earth! He was muscular too.

Yun Jian would probably be flung with just a punch.

"You?" Lawson was startled as well before he recovered and chuckled in disdain. "No, I’m a man. I don’t hit women!"

"We’ll know if you manage to hit me by testing it out!" Yun Jian narrowed her eyes suddenly after speaking and darted towards Lawson like a bolt of lightning.

In the next second, she was already beside Lawson and had pinned his arm down. With a kick, her thin arm sn.a.k.e.d its way to Lawson’s back simultaneously. She then hauled him up and with a somersault. Yun Jian smashed Lawson to the floor.

Everything was done in one smooth move.

Lawson did not even manage to react.

It was when he landed with a thud that everyone broke out of the daze but Lawson was already flipped to the floor.

It was pin-drop silence then. No one made a sound as they all stared at Yun Jian with dropped jaws.

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