The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 180 - Cunning Foreigners And Computing

Chapter 180 - Cunning Foreigners And Computing

Despite everyone’s astonishment, Yun Jian’s flippant and mocking voice sounded. "Tsk, tsk... you can’t even fight me, how can you fight our Country Z boys?"

Yun Jian’s words had further put Lawson who was on the floor to shame.

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In spite of it, Chen Xinyi who stood farther away nearly tripped herself and fell from the shock when she heard her.

Yun Jian was someone who killed the tenth person on the international assassin ranking! Who amongst them right here could beat her?!

When she said it like that, it was stating that Lawson could forget about fighting the boys when he could not even win against a girl. He was weaker than a girl!

Chen Xinyi honestly did not expect Yun Jian to be able to lie through her teeth, so she covered her mouth at once to muffle her laugh.

"That’s right, you can’t even win a girl from Country Z, how are you going to fight us?"


The boys cheered along Yun Jian’s words, feeling fervent, while they felt a sense of respect toward Yun Jian.

Lawson picked himself up from the floor struggling in pain. Yun Jian did not deal a hard blow just now, so he was still able to stand up on his own. After he did, he scowled at Yun Jian and pointed at her, speaking with indignation, "That was an ambush! You’re sly! You cunning scoundrel!"

"Do you want another round with me?" Yun Jian squinted as a murderous intent suddenly flared from her petite frame.

Her glare froze Lawson as he shuddered from inside out.

He was mischievous but he knew where his limit was. He could feel Yun Jian’s indomitable strength from that one exchange just now and guessed that the end was probably the same even if he had gone in with his all.

He was just calling it an ambush to save some face.

Now that Yun Jian was asking if he wanted another round, of course, he would not agree to it.

"No, since you guys have come all the way from Country Z, we shouldn’t be brawling and killing each other even if we’re exchanging opinions and skills. We should contest something else!" Lawson said and wiped the sweat on his face away with his sleeve.

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How cunning! The rest of them scorned in their mind.

Lawson’s words were phrased very well, given the fact was that he could not win Yun Jian in a brawl and planned to compete against her with something else.

Shouldn’t be brawling and killing each other? Then why was he fighting with Yun Jian just now then!

"Anytime." Yun Jian crossed her arms and looked at Lawson with indifference.

Did he want to contend in something else? She would accept the challenge at any time.

It was because of his thoughtless remarks just now that Yun Jian would make him understand the theory of social comparison is the thief of joy.

When she was Slaying God, she had tried everything. From assassination, explosives, heavy firearms, racing to programming, she was involved in any specialty that one could think of!

Lawson suddenly wore a smirk that looked both fierce and frightening. "Alright, let’s try our hands in computing, shall we?"

In the year 1998, he knew that Country Z rarely had computer lessons in schools. Computers were not yet a thing. Maybe Yun Jian and her friends did not even know what a computer was.

On the other hand, their school had already been offering computer courses. He definitely had an advantage in this field.

Therefore, he was going against Yun Jian in computing.

When Lawson made his suggestion, the Country Z students were outraged.

"You’re too cunning, you shameless foreigner!" Someone shouted.

Most of the Country Z students here had just begun to learn about computers while some of them had not even laid a finger on one before.

For Lawson to suggest it, he was blatantly oppressing them with the advantage that he had!

"Sure, computing, no problem," Yun Jian’s unfazed tone rang once more.

Everyone was astounded but they reacted in fervor when they snapped out of it.

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