The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 181 - Computer Access: Hacking

Chapter 181 - Computer Access: Hacking

Listening to Lawson and Yun Jian’s conversation, Miss Maqi and the other students could not even say a word.

In the end, the teacher could only watch as Lawson led the group to Yana High School’s computer room.

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As a Country Y native, Miss Maqi was not opposed to trivial matches between students of the two countries.

Hence, the entourage headed for the computer lab.

Yun Yi walked beside Yun Jian while Chen Xinyi was on her left.

"Xiao Jian, do you know how to use a computer?" Yun Yi approached his younger sister and asked in a lowered voice, feeling unsettled by this issue.

"Yun Yi, don’t worry," Yun Jian answered with a half-smile and crescent eyes without explaining it.

Yun Yi did not press further after that despite still being incredibly anxious.

Since that week he returned home to celebrate their mother’s birthday, his younger sister began to act more and more unlike herself. It was also undeniable to him that he was more fond of her now.

Country Y’s Yana High School was a high school of international prestige, as both junior and senior high school education was provided. In addition, computer classes were one of the lessons offered in the school’s syllabus.

When the group of students came to the computer lab, even the wealthier students who had computers at home were amazed by the rows of computers installed in the room.

There were so many computers here!

They could not help gasping as they had never seen a room with such a great number of computers. Yun Jian was the only exception who remained unfazed when she saw the rows of computers.

Computers were beginning to be widespread in 1998’s Country Z. Some elite schools in Country Z were already popularizing computer classes.

Currently, computer lessons in Longmen City were still a short distance away from becoming mainstream, although the city was still rapidly developing.

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"Humph, you Country Z brats, what bumpkins!" Lawson could not help mocking with a chuckle when he saw their reaction.

In spite of it, he muttered those words under his breath and gave up being derisive after realizing that no one was bothered.

The computer lab here was open to all, so the computers were constantly powered on.

It was a convenience to the students and teachers as they could use them anytime if they needed to.

Since the computers were turned on at all times, the students and teachers did not have to wait for the buffering time for the computers to be ready.

Lawson side-eyed Yun Jian and spoke in extreme contempt. "Hah, go on."

Ignoring his jab, Yun Jian took her seat in front of a computer whilst everyone else watched.

Lawson followed and sat in front of a computer that was next to Yun Jian’s.

"What are we contending?" Yun Jian held the mouse and gave it a scroll, giving the keyboard two taps, as she turned to ask Lawson.

"See who is faster at gaining control of the other’s computer." Lawson chortled.

Controlling access to someone else’s computer was a hacking technique.

Currently, Lawson was cackling to himself. He was far better than everyone else in computing because he had an uncle who was a hacking expert. His uncle was working in one of the top ten multinational enterprises, Dime and Prime Company, and was in the technical department.

Lawson had learned a considerable amount of hacking techniques from his uncle, such as skillful tasks like gaining access and manipulating someone else’s computer.

Therefore, he proposed this challenge to compete with Yun Jian! This was because most people did not even know how to use the program that controls someone else’s computer, let alone actually controlling the computer!

Nonetheless, what no one knew was that the Dime and Prime Company that Lawson’s adored hacking expert uncle was working at, was an entity handled by Yun Jian’s underling, Alluring Demon.

As for the technical department that his uncle was working in, it was the department that Yun Jian had stolen one hundred million US Dollars from after hacking the system in just thirty seconds.

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