The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 182 - Preening. Controlling The Intranet

Chapter 182 - Preening. Controlling The Intranet

"Pfft, stop being such a bully! You thick-skinned foreigner! You’re clearly only contesting us against something you’re good at!" Someone could not stand it and shouted at Lawson.

"What is it? No one from Country Z knows such simple computer programming?" Lawson was not fazed by the taunt as he boldly parried them.

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Lawson’s friends rallied around and cheered for him, making Country Z’s students fume.

All of them were rather certain that it was impossible for Yun Jian to know how to hack a computer. Only a hacker knew how to gain access and manipulate other computers!

"Of course I know how to." Yun Jian smiled softly despite everyone’s anxiousness.

"Haha, I’ll start first then." Lawson said, eager to show off his "talent" and relish in the admiration of others.

Yun Jian crossed her arms without touching the computer, answering Lawson, "Go ahead."

Lawson put his fingers to work, typing furiously on the keyboard.

The speed of his operations was not speedy but the students could not deny that he did know a thing or two.

After thirty minutes, Lawson finally devised a program through his computer and clicked "Yes" on the screen’s popped up window connecting the other computer’s ID.

The computer in front of Yun Jian was remotely controlled by Lawson.

Lawson then opened a paint tool in the computer, the computer in front of Yun Jian mirrored the operation. When Lawson drew a pig’s head on the canvas, the same pig head appeared in Yun Jian’s computer.

When the students saw it, they were astonished that Lawson really did master the hacking technique and manipulated Yun Jian’s computer. When he drew a pig head on his computer, the computer in front of Yun Jian followed exactly what he was doing!

To hype Lawson up, his mischievous friends clapped fervently.

"Lawson, good job! You’re the pride of Country Y!" A playful boy cheered.

Students from Country Z wore a long face. While they acknowledged that Lawson was skillful, they could not help being angered.

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Lawson and his friends were blatantly making fun of them who were from Country Z! They were deriding that they were pigs!

"That’s all?" Yun Jian arched her brow, her melodious voice waltzing across the room which snapped Lawson out from his smugness.

"What do you mean?" Lawson was offended as he provoked, "Show us what you know then!"

Lawson was certain that even if Yun Jian knew how to work a computer and had used a computer, she would never know how to hack like he did. This was hacking after all.

Did she know how to? How could she know that?

Even for him learning from his uncle, he had spent five years before reaching his current achievement in hacking.

Hacking was not easy to learn!

While Lawson inwardly sneered at Yun Jian, the latter was placing her fair fingers on the keyboard.

Then, her fingers moved lithely across the keyboard like they were dancing.

She had only pressed three keys on the keyboard before her computer that was hacked by Lawson returned to its original state. Then, the speed of her fingers tapping the keys grew faster and faster.

It took merely ten breaths when an urgent beeping noise rang, "Beep! Beep! Beep!"

Greeting everyone’s eyes were all the computers in the computer lab that were controlled by Yun Jian’s computer.

Ten seconds! She had gained access to all the computers in ten seconds!

Everyone stared at Yun Jian in horror.

Before their shock could subside, a teacher ran in through the door, exclaiming in standard English, "Oh my gosh, what’s wrong with the school’s intranet? Why have all the school’s computers lost control?"

When the people in the room heard it, they turned to Yun Jian who was seated leisurely in front of the computer in bafflement.

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