The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 185 - Play With Her. Caught

Chapter 185 - Play With Her. Caught

The red wine was drugged.

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Yun Jian could sniff it.

As Slaying God in her previous life, she had consumed all sorts of poison and had already built up an immunity to toxins.

In addition, Yun Jian had already discovered that the state of her current body was now in the same capabilities of her past life. She had found out when she was still in Xinjiang Town.

Nonetheless, the drug in the wine was not potent. It would only make one drowsy and lethargic, but it was ineffective against Yun Jian without a doubt.

Yun Jian did not think that Tong Yulan had plotted to make her and Chen Xinyi drink the wine.

Through the corners of her eyes, she espied Liu Xiuxiu who had been observing them from a corner nearby.

Hah, it seemed that someone was on a suicide mission. She would play with her then.

The farewell party went on. After asking Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi to drink as per Liu Xiuxiu’s request, Tong Yulan skipped to the latter.

"Xiuxiu, they drank it. Can you go apologize now?" Tong Yulan naively thought that Liu Xiuxiu would really do what she said.

"Mm, Yulan, thank you!" Liu Xiuxiu pretended to be grateful and lowered her voice to further request Tong Yulan, "Yulan, it isn’t the best idea for me to apologize in front of everyone. Can you ask the two of them outside? When we make amends, we’ll come in together. What I did wasn’t good to begin with, I’d lose face if everyone finds out..."

"No problem!" All Tong Yulan could think of was Liu Xiuxiu apologizing to their juniors and how she had contributed to rekindling this bond. She gave the latter an ’OK’ sign and ran to Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi again.

Yun Jian had already seen Tong Yulan and Liu Xiuxiu’s interaction then but she kept quiet.

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On the other hand, Chen Xinyi was rather limp and weak now. She was flushed and a little tipsy as she had the wine just now.

"Can you two come out with me? I have something to tell you personally." Tong Yulan looked excited when she scampered over.

She was eager for Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian to go out with her and meet Liu Xiuxiu. Then, Liu Xiuxiu would apologize to them and all of them could be friends.

"Huh? Oh... sure!" Chen Xinyi agreed at once as she could still comprehend Tong Yulan despite being a little intoxicated.

Yun Jian agreed as well.

Opening the door of the karaoke booth, three of them headed out.

It was normal for someone to go to the washroom in the middle of the party, so the exit of the three girls did not garner too much attention. Yun Yi took a glance at them but did not sense any oddity either.

After all, he would never expect someone to plot against his younger sister. Furthermore, said person would also require the capability to harm her since she was exceptionally skilled!

Liu Xiuxiu, Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi, and Tong Yulan had only taken two steps out of the karaoke place before a few big burly men charged toward them.

"You..." Tong Yulan was alarmed but her mouth was covered by the men at once.

Her exclaim thus was lost in the bustling and boisterous karaoke scene.

The men easily tied the three girls up and muted them with black tape over their mouths, successfully abducting them.

Yun Jian did not resist, pretending to have been drugged and was weak and pliable. She let herself be brought away along with Chen Xinyi and Tong Yulan who were panicking.

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