The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 186 - Are You Sure? Untying The Ropes

Chapter 186 - Are You Sure? Untying The Ropes

The men were obviously seasoned, most probably criminals for similar jobs, as they were experienced.

The men easily tied Yun Jian’s hands and feet as she did not put up a fight.

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Due to the tape on their mouth, all three girls were unable to make a sound.

As they were captured and taken out of the karaoke place along the way, no passerby would help them even if they saw them. After all, no one wanted unnecessary troubles.

After seizing the girls, the men threw them into a van and drove off.

The abduction seemed stealthy and untraceable but it was actually filled with loopholes.

"Mm! Mm! Mm!" Tong Yulan’s eyes were widened in terror. She was horrified.

She was only taking Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian to find Liu Xiuxiu at the entrance so that the latter could apologize to the younger girls. What was happening now? Why were they kidnapped?

Tong Yulan was naïve. She was also foolish. She had yet to connect all the dots.

"Shut up!" Seeing that Tong Yulan was struggling ceaselessly, one of the men shouted at her in Mandarin.

These men were from Country Z as well.

The shout intimidated Tong Yulan. She had never encountered a scene like this. Panicking and petrified, tears streamed down her face.

Chen Xinyi, on the contrary, did not make a sound. She did not look panicky nor terrorized. As for Yun Jian, she was ideal, not at all appearing like she was abducted. She instead seemed to just be driven around.

After making countless turns, the van finally stopped at a dark vacant wilderness.

"Take them down here!" The man who had shouted at Tong Yulan just now seemed to be the leader as he ordered the rest around.

Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi, and Tong Yulan were then jostled off the van and made to stand in a row.

The leader of the thugs picked at his nose and gave a wave, causing the two gnarly men beside the girls to tear off the tape covering their mouths respectively.

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"You... Who are you people?" Tong Yulan asked in a terrified sob with bulging eyes.

"Who are you people? Hahaha! People who will screw you!" The burly man cackled l.e.w.dly as his gaze roamed over three of the girls in a suggestive manner.

Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi, and Tong Yulan were pretty. They had a sense of delicateness to their features and each was a beauty in their own way. Moreover, they were lean and shapely.

Just looking at them was enough for the men to feel an itch.

"You – you can’t do this. We bear no grudges..." Tong Yulan was already sobbing.

"No grudges? Haha, girlie, you’ll have to blame yourself for believing others too easily! You weren’t part of our plans but since you’re here, it’s your unlucky day!" the burly man who was the leader said while he unclasped his belt.

What he said was worth pondering. Their initial victims were only Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi but to prevent Tong Yulan from informing someone, they could only capture her too.

"Bro, the camera’s ready." A man who squinted his eyes l.u.s.tfully told the burly man from the side as he, too, scanned the girls like a predator.

"Haha, you record the process. I want the middle one. You guys take care of the other two!" The burly man stared at Yun Jian and removed his belt as he walked over to her.

He looked absolutely depraved.

There was no doubt that Yun Jian was the prettiest and stood out among the three.

"Are you sure you want me?" Yun Jian raised her brow and questioned back after she heard what the burly man said.

The man was taken aback, not expecting Yun Jian to be unafraid when she caught in this predicament. However, he did not think much of it. He went to her with a crude grin. "Beautiful one, it’s you, you can’t get away! I have my eyes on you today, it’s your..."

Before he could utter the word "honor", he stopped dead in his tracks.

The man had already taken off his pants and was only wearing his u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r now.

The reason that he froze in his steps was that Yun Jian was now standing up and playing with the rope that tied her hands and feet.

"You! How could you untie the ropes..." The burly man and his accomplices were all dumbstruck.

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