The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 188 - Can’t Be Too Naïve. Countering The Sc.u.m

Chapter 188 - Can’t Be Too Na?ve. Countering The Sc.u.m

The dagger that Yun Jian threw had struck the burly man’s members!

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She has severed his possibility of producing any kids!

The men who were with the burly man looked at Yun Jian in terror. The l.u.s.tful covet in their gazes were gone, replaced by dread as if they had seen the devil.

No, Yun Jian was the demon herself!

No one dared disbelieve what Yun Jian said.

"We’re wrong! We’re at fault! Please, spare us!" The one who was the first to beg for mercy was the man who was responsible for recording videos with the prepared camera.

Once he pleaded, the underlings of the burly man followed suit.

They were not fools. The burly man did not even have a chance to struggle when Yun Jian had kicked him flying and cut off his members with a toss of her dagger just now. They were not going to wait until they met the same fate before begging for mercy.

Yun Jian ignored the men and turned to untie Chen Xinyi and Tong Yulan who was staring at her in terror.

Having been kidnapped the last time and probably because Yun Jian was around, Chen Xinyi was not as afraid. It was Tong Yulan who was stupefied after being untied. After all, it was her first time to witness Yun Jian’s skill.

After freeing the girls, Yun Jian stood herself before the begging men. At that moment, she did not look like an average middle schooler. Instead, she felt like a supreme king.

"You guys were on his side just now. Why shouldn’t I treat all of you like how I did to him!" Yun Jian was exuding hostility and rage, speaking as she pointed at the burly man who had fainted after rolling on the ground in pain.

Instantaneously, she raised a hand and another blade appeared in her palm.

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While the group was surprised that she had manifested another dagger like a magic trick, the men could not help clamping their legs together tighter, recalling what just happened.

"No, no!" The man who handled the camera just now shouted and slyly thought of an idea to get himself out of the plight. He shouted at Yun Jian, "As long as you let us go, I’ll tell you who set you girls up!"

Yun Jian had long known who was behind it, but to let the innocent Tong Yulan understand the whole picture, she feigned oblivion, asking instead, "Who is it?"

"It’s – it’s a girl named Liu Xiuxiu!"

As expected, Tong Yulan jolted when she heard the truth personally, recalling the past happenings.

"It’s Xiuxiu, how could it be her! Why is she setting us up!" The color drained from Tong Yulan’s face immediately.

Yun Jian only wanted to let Tong Yulan know that one must not be so naïve in this world, lest she not even realize that she was deceived by someone around her. She had never thought about consoling Tong Yulan or doing anything similar to that nature.

She looked at the men with a smirk and said, "It’s not like I can’t let you guys go. As long as you do something for me."


In the karaoke, Yun Yi was pulling on his jacket anxiously to go on a search for his younger sister. He had asked a girl to check the female washroom after seeing that Yun Jian had not been back after so long only for her to say that it was empty.

Returning to the booth after confirming Yun Jian and the girls were caught, Liu Xiuxiu who had pretended to come back from the washroom wore a smirk.

"Beep, beep..."

Her phone flashed.

Liu Xiuxiu opened the message and saw the text she received, "It’s done. The video is recorded too. It’s absolutely o.b.s.c.e.n.e! We filmed all three of them, is that scandalous enough?! Heh heh, we’re in room 3011 in Ligue Hotel. You can come here to take the video now!"

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