The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 189 - Try Laying A Finger On His Person

Chapter 189 - Try Laying A Finger On His Person

Liu Xiuxiu stood up immediately when she saw that the dirty job was done. She left the karaoke with a sloppy excuse and headed to the hotel mentioned in the text.

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Currently, Liu Xiuxiu was only thinking about the task being accomplished. She did not even consider the reason why the men wanted to pass her the video recording at a hotel.

With glee, she went on her way, already impatient to see the video of Chen Xinyi who dared shouted at her. She also could not wait for Yun Jian, who was offensively pretty, being taken turns by the men, as well as the aftermath when the video was spread.

Liu Xiuxiu was not even aware of the trauma an incident like this would bring to an ordinary girl, given it became a reality. She was perhaps doing it only for the temporary high of revenge.

Standing before room 3011 of Ligue Hotel, Liu Xiuxiu knocked on the door with a thrill.

The door opened at once.

"Come in, the video is inside," the man who came to open the door told her indifferently.

Without any skepticism and even assuming that this exchange was supposed to be dealt in secret, Liu Xiuxiu stepped in and closed the door herself.

Right after she entered, the man covered her mouth and called out toward the room. "Bros, come out. This girl caused our boss to lose his members and almost made us go through the same sh*t. We’re all douchebags if we aren’t screwing her until she’s crying and begging us for mercy today!"

A row of men who were only wearing their u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r walked out from the inside of the room, staring at Liu Xiuxiu in both l.u.s.t and anger. They were the burly man’s subordinates.

"Mm! Mm!" Liu Xiuxiu whose mouth was covered shook her head vehemently with widened eyes filled with terror as she stared at the men who were closing in on her.

She finally had a taste of hopeless despair.

The room was swiftly filled with the men’s vulgar cackles and the girl’s hopeless cries and pleas.

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Outside, Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi, and Tong Yulan watched Liu Xiuxiu enter the room before the uninhibited s.e.x.u.a.l m.o.a.ns and blood-curdling shrieks sounded from it.

"Have we... gone... over the line..." Tong Yulan was shaking with a lowered head, she was terrified. Everything that happened tonight would be impossible to wipe away from her mind for the rest of her life.

"Over the line?" Yun Jian raised a brow and chortled coldly. "If you don’t go over the line, that person doomed in the room right now would’ve been you."

Without further elaboration, Yun Jian left with Chen Xinyi, leaving Tong Yulan who was at a loss wearing her ashen face.


In an unnamed country in the south, Si Yi with his right-hand men, Ya Dang and Mo Sen, were checking into a hotel.

They were preparing for their expedition to the catacomb tomorrow.

"Beep, beep." Mo Sen’s laptop made two blinks before he picked it up and placed it in front of Si Yi.

"Someone is harming her?" There was a frown on Si Yi’s handsome face when he read what was on the laptop screen.

He was not around but what Yun Jian had been doing recently was all within his knowledge.

"Yes, but she’s severed that person’s member,s and that girl received her karma as well," Mo Sen reported without emotion.

Si Yi stood up suddenly. Rage consumed him when he heard that someone was trying to harm Yun Jian just now.

"Only severed his members? Send someone to kill that group of men. As for the girl... sell her into prostitution. Since she likes it so much, let her be there for the rest of her life!"

How dare they try to lay a finger on his person!

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