The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 19 - An Unprecedented Surgery

Chapter 19 - An Unprecedented Surgery

"Little girl! Stop messing around. I know that you must have jumbled feelings looking at the patient’s current state but since the incidents already happened, we’ll do our best to save her. Please do go out first, alright?" The doctor who ran in after Yun Jian patiently advised again.

It was after a moment of contemplation that the doctor assumed that Yun Jian was acted this way because she could not accept the sudden strike of reality.

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The patient must be related to her and the shock must have been too much for the young lady to act rationally.

Amputating both hands was indeed something hard to accept, but the doctors thought that this was the only way to save Qin Yirou.

"She’s my mother," Yun Jian suddenly spoke up and continued speaking calmly, "Do you guys think that I’ll joke around with my mother’s life?"

It was because she was confident that she decided to handle things her way.

It was impossible for her to watch Qin Yirou’s hands being severed and for her to fall into the lowest phase of her life without the capability to do anything. She could not bear to let it happen.

"So please assist me in this surgery!" Yun Jian raised her voice and shocked the medical professionals around her once more.

Perhaps, due to the fact that Qin Yirou was her mother; no matter if she was misbehaving or how stubborn the girl was, she would never joke with her mother’s life!

Perhaps, it was due to Yun Jian’s words; maybe it was her extraordinary confidence and demeanor.

After a two-second pause. The doctor who had been consoling her, and the attending assistant doctors indeed said nothing and moved to their respective positions.

Yun Jian took over the surgeon’s position and continued the operation!

The doctors on the spot were certain that allowing a fifteen or sixteen year old girl to take charge of the surgery was unprecedented and the craziest thing to ever happen.

Qin Yirou had injured her hands and the injury had extended to her meridians. It required stitching in addition to consideration of various other aspects.

With the limited medical equipment, no doctor in the operation ward was able to fully repair Qin Yirou’s hands. What more could this young girl do?

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In spite of it, the trained and proficient medical skills that Yun Jian showed completely baffled them.

"Surgical forceps."

"Towel clamp."

"Suture needle."


Yun Jian’s mechanical requests for surgical instruments were responded by the attending assistant doctors immediately passing the tools to her.

Stitching, making incisions, stitching again... Each action was flawlessly executed.

When the suture needle finally stitched the last of Qin Yirou’s wound marking the end of the operation, the doctors could not believe what they had just witnessed.

"The operation was successfully completed!" The doctor shakily announced what they had thought to be impossible.

It was really completed!

When the professionals turned again to look at the young lady, respect was all there was in their eyes.

The surgery was actually a success!

Oh my God! How old was the girl!

They had thought that a young girl like her would have been terrified upon seeing the bloody wound of Qin Yirou. Instead, she was cool as a cuc.u.mber.

They had thought that her statement to take over the surgeon’s place was nonsense. Instead, the teenage girl had completed a surgery no one thought could be successful when all the medical professionals there were prepared to resort to the most blunt solution!

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