The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 190 - Returning To Country Z And Finding Lu Haoze

Chapter 190 - Returning To Country Z And Finding Lu Haoze

Liu Xiuxiu who was currently wretched to rock-bottom right now did not know that there was a more fatal storm awaiting her.

All this was due to her impulsive grudge, spurring the irrational decisions and getting on the wrong people’s nerves.

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On Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi’s way back to the karaoke, they met Yun Yi who was anxiously looking for them outside.

Both of them had been gone for over an hour but no one in the karaoke realized it. As Yun Jian’s elder brother, Yun Yi was reluctant to disrupt the merry atmosphere of the group. Moreover, he was worried about his sister since this was a foreign country and not Longmen City, so he went out alone to look for her.

It was then he met Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi walking shoulder to shoulder on the pedestrian walkway.

Yun Yi ran over, his tall build blocking the girls.

"Where have you girls gone just now?" Yun Yi panted. It was obvious that he had been searching for them for some time as he tried to catch his breath while asking the girls in worry.

"We thought that the karaoke was too noisy and kinda boring, and we’re going back to Longmen City tomorrow, so we thought to come out for a stroll, right, Xinyi?" Yun Jian had discussed and agreed on the excuse with Chen Xinyi earlier, knowing that Yun Yi would worry if he knew the truth. Therefore, the lie came out smoothly when she spoke now.

"Ri – right!" Chen Xinyi was still not quite used to lying but she chorused what Yun Jian said.

Not noticing the latter’s reaction, Yun Yi was only breathing in relief when he found both girls.

He then told Yun Jian seriously, "Xiao Jian, you can’t just go out on your own without saying a word. I’ll be worried. At least let me know when you’re heading out next time!"

Met with Yun Yi’s genuine concern, Yun Jian felt warmth enveloping her as she nodded. "I know."

Yun Yi replied with a nod as well before the three of them went back to the karaoke.

Liu Xiuxiu did not return throughout the night.

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It was imaginable just how harrowing the night had been for her.

Until the next evening when they were taking the flight back to Longmen City, Yun Jian and her peers did not see Liu Xiuxiu. Miss Ding mentioned her, however, explaining that her parents had picked her up during the night as something had happened to her.

The teachers were not able to speak much about what happened to her.

In addition, Liu Xiuxiu did not have much of a presence. Other than Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi and Tong Yulan who knew the truth, no one else was interested in the girl’s whereabouts.

Before they boarded the flight, Lawson and his playful friends came to bid farewell to Yun Jian.

He declared confidently, "I, Lawson, will win you the next time!"

Yun Jian approved someone forthright like Lawson, someone who would never play a trick or scheme behind his opponent’s back.

She merely replied to him with a squint, "I’ll be waiting."

The moment they stepped into the plane bound for Country Z, it marked the end of the week-long study abroad trip.

The students had learned a lot, struck with enlightenment during the days they studied in Country Y.

Upon their return to Longmen City, the school had given Yun Jian and her peers a few days off school so they could readjust themselves. Therefore, Yun Jian made a beeline between the military training camp and her house during the leave.

She found Lu Haoze as well, the boy who knew that she had employed hypnotism.

Lu Haoze was a sophomore, and the high school that he studied at was the same one that Yun Jian’s cousin, Qin Fenger attended.

During school dismissal of Tanxi Senior High School on a Friday, Yun Jian stood at the school gate with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t. Her pretty face and slim figure attracted plenty of eyeballs.

In spite of it, she was waiting for Lu Haoze.

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