The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 191 - An Old Friend. Exactly The Same

Chapter 191 - An Old Friend. Exactly The Same

Watching cliques of students exit the school gate with their heavy bags, it had been about five minutes since Yun Jian began waiting when a group of boys came out.

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There was one boy who was exceptionally eye-catching with his fresh youthful look. Lu Haoze’s bashfulness and guilelessness did not seem to diminish even when he stood among the boys.

"Lu Haoze." Yun Jian walked over directly and waved at him.

It was not just Lu Haoze, the boys around him, too, looked toward Yun Jian when she called out. When they positively confirmed that she was a beauty, the more playful boys teased Lu Haoze.

"Wow, where does this pretty girl come from? Lu Haoze, she’s asking for you! Why aren’t you responding!" A tall and thin boy beside Lu Haoze teased him,

Lu Haoze’s cheeks flushed instantly and the tips of his ears turned red as well. He could not even explain himself. Looking up to peek at Yun Jian, he quickly lowered his head again and asked softly, "Why are you looking for me..."

He could still recognize her.

Yun Jian was not embarrassed. She walked over to him and stood in front of the boys to tell Lu Haoze, "I have something to ask."

Lu Haoze was quick to guess that Yun Jian was looking for him because he had frankly exposed her hypnotism. However, this only made him more bashful as the blush on his cheeks caught attention.

It was undeniable that the boy was very shy.

Yun Jian did not despise Lu Haoze for blushing like a young girl despite being a boy, after all he was in his sophomore year. Instead, she thought that it was adorable. He was like her younger brother when she had first seen him in her past life. When he first saw a stranger, his soft supple cheeks would blush too.

Once she thought of her baby brother, she could not help the sense of grief that crept in.


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Lu Haoze had just nodded before a boy beside him shoved him toward Yun Jian. "Go, boy! Haha, your romantic is here!"

His friend’s cheer served to deepen the blush on Lu Haoze’s face but Yun Jian did not mind. It was not like they shared anything.

It was normal for teenagers in their school years to be entangled in romantic relationsh.i.p.s. A girl looking for a boy or a boy looking for a girl would be translated into some scandal.

Although Yun Jian was only sixteen years old in her previous life, her mental age was not as young. Her understanding of the world and feelings were deep, as expected from someone who lived her life on the edge.

Ultimately, Lu Haoze followed Yun Jian to a deserted corner.

Looking at the boy whose head was nearly hanging off his neck from how shy he was, Yun Jian asked him directly, "You should know the reason I’m here for you."

Lu Haoze was shy but he was clever. He nodded. "Did you want to know why I knew that you were using hypnotism?"

He spoke carefully but his intelligence was evident.

Yun Jian nodded with a smile. "That’s correct. You can opt to tell me directly, but I’ll find out even if you don’t."

Other than the secret of the sandalwood box, there was nothing she could not find out if she wanted to know.

Lu Haoze rubbed his hands together for a long time before he braced himself to look at Yun Jian in the eyes and spoke formally, "I’ve chosen to tell you. I know hypnotism too. This is an art passed down in my family for generations. We’ve never told any outsiders. When I saw you using hypnotism too, I shouted because I – I didn’t manage to hold myself back..."

"Because the hypnotism you used seemed to be amazing... Even the best elder in our family probably doesn’t reach ten percent of what you do..."

"And the way you use hypnotism, it’s exactly the same as an old friend that the elder’s mentioned to me!"

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