The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 192 - It’s Set! Shopping For Clothes

Chapter 192 - It’s Set! Shopping For Clothes

For some reason, when Yun Jian heard Lu Haoze state her way of using hypnotism was similar to the elder of his family, she thought of the old man who had taught her these skills in her past life.

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She actually did not know the old man’s name or where he was from, or where he had gone to now.

It had been many years since she had met the old man in her past life, the last being when she was only ten years old.

Ten-year-old Yun Jian had unintentionally saved the old man’s life. For the next two years, the latter taught Yun Jian everything that he knew.

In spite of it, he disappeared without a trace. To Yun Jian, the old man was like her first teacher in life. Perhaps, without him, she would not have been able to achieve the success she had in her previous life.

"Do you know where your elder’s old friend is now?" Yun Jian raised a brow as she asked. Her tone was aloof like usual but there was a turmoil of emotions within her. She was suspecting that the old friend of Lu Haoze’s clan elder was that old man she met!

"I..." Lu Haoze slowly spoke up amidst Yun Jian’s anticipation but he shook his head apologetically in the end, hanging it low again. "I don’t know..."

Yun Jian’s gleaming eyes dimmed a little as well.

She had extended her forces in her previous life to look for the old man, but it was as if the old man had never appeared from this world. He was gone for good without any news.

"But our clan elder might know something." Lu Haoze’s following words rekindled Yun Jian’s hope.

"Really?" Yun Jian asked, staring at the boy’s innocent face.

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Lu Haoze flushed again from the stare and answered with a stutter, "Ye – yes... If you want to know, I can take you to our clan elder but he’s gone to the countryside now and won’t be back for the time being. When he comes back, I’ll take you to him..."

"Sure, it’s set then."

Yun Jian’s eyes were crescents before she relaxed and looked at the boy. "I’ll formally introduce myself now. I’m Yun Jian, a student from Longmen Yi Junior High School’s Grade 9 Class A. When your elder is back, you can look for me in our school straightaway."

Agreeing, Lu Haoze nodded shyly.

He was hopelessly bashful. Yun Jian exclaimed to herself with a stroke on her chin. Although Lu Haoze was older than Yun Jian, she had already treated him like a younger brother.


Time trickled away. Yun Jian took a few days’ rest at home.

She received news that Zhang Zhifan’s arrangement of the shop renovation had come to its last stage. It was much faster than they had planned. When the shop was officially done, Yun Jian was going to start importing cars for sale.

The next few days, Yun Jian trained with the increased intensity at the military training camp once she was free. When she managed to clear her weekend out and brought Qin Yirou shopping to buy her some winter clothing or shoes.

The clothes that Qin Yirou wore were incredibly old and tattered. The patches had lasted years that the clothes had already faded in color.

Yun Jian claimed that she was out taking part-time jobs during her free time, citing it as life experiences, stating that she had received her salary. Hence, she pulled Qin Yirou along to a clothing store that sold rather pricey but stylish and quality pieces.

Yun Jian was determined to buy her something with her "first" income.

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