The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 193 - Mayhem In The Mall

Chapter 193 - Mayhem In The Mall

Qin Yirou was both consoled and sorrowful. She has always resented herself for not being able to provide a comfortable life for her children. However, looking at how filial her children were now, she felt like she could shut her eyes in peace even if she were to die now.

"Xiao Jian, mommy appreciates the sentiment but I still have clothes to spare. Save the money for yourself." Qin Yirou negotiated with Yun Jian but was still pulled into the clothing shop ultimately.

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"Mom, I earned the money, I’ll spend it how I want. Right now, I want to buy you clothes. You must accept them even if you don’t want to." Yun Jian smiled as she tugged Qin Yirou into the store.

Currently, she looked more like an ordinary little girl who was respectful and filial to her elders.

Hearing what Yun Jian said, Qin Yirou’s heart was gushing with warmth.

"Mommy will buy one garment then! Only one, no more, okay?" Qin Yirou relented and quickly said, afraid that Yun Jian would buy her additional clothing.

The décor of the clothing shop was pretty but it was due to the thoughtful interior atmosphere that it made women feel like its merchandise was not cheap. Hence, she insisted on only buying one garment.

"We’ll get a set! One top, one bottom, and a pair of shoes! I want you to be fully clothed in what I buy, mom!" Yun Jian said cutely with a giggle, swinging Qin Yirou’s hand as she snuggled close to her.

"You cheeky girl!" Qin Yirou softly flicked Yun Jian’s forehead. Her tone was overflowing with love as she consented to it endearingly.

Yun Jian would only show her childlike side when she was with Qin Yirou.

"Hi there, what can I help you with?"

The sales assistant at the clothing shop was polite. She did not mind that Yun Jian and Qin Yirou were underdressed and came over to greet them when she saw them coming through the door.

"Mom, look around and see if there’s anything you like." Yun Jian turned to look at Qin Yirou.

Qin Yirou nodded, no longer rejecting her daughter’s offer, and picked a few favorable pieces to try them on. In the end, she chose the cheapest pieces among the clothes.

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Without comments, Yun Jian paid for it and they left with the sales assistant courteously sending them off. Then, Yun Jian bought a pair of pants and a pair of shoes for Qin Yirou at other respective shops.

"Mom, I’ll hold on to them," Yun Jian said and took over all three shopping bags.

Qin Yirou was further comforted by her kindness.

The shopping mall’s entrance was also its exit and had everything one would ask for as it housed several floors with each level selling different things.

Yun Jian and Qin Yirou were currently making their way down to the ground floor through the staircase.

"Ah! Someone’s dead! Someone’s dead!" A panic cry burst out at the entrance.

As the shopping mall had quite the crowd, most people were crammed together. It was difficult to turn and leave, let alone run away.

The shrill cries that erupted in the crowd freaked out those who did not even witness the situation.

At Yun Jian and Qin Yirou’s location, they could see three to four masked men in black charging in through the entrance. All of them had a machete in their hands and waved them around stabbing and slashing anyone they saw.

It seemed that these terrorists had appeared suddenly and the mall visitors were caught off guard.

Before they could react, a few unlucky victims were fatally wounded by the sudden offenders and succ.u.mbed to their injuries at the scene.

"Ah! Ah!"

Screams and cries, as well as noises of the crowd jostling each other to escape, were all that could be heard in the mall.

When Qin Yirou finally caught up with what was happening, an outlaw with his machete was already making his way toward her and Yun Jian.

Qin Yirou was well aware of the severity of the sudden terrorism, her face pale from the realization. Seeing that the outlaw was nearing them, she pushed Yun Jian away, a mother’s love triumphing her fear. "Xiao Jian, run! Run quick! Mommy will hold him back, run now!"

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