The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 194 - Trying To Kill My Mother? You Deserve Death!

Chapter 194 - Trying To Kill My Mother? You Deserve Death!

Out of her motherly instincts, the first thing that Qin Yirou thought of when she encountered a crisis like this was the need to save her daughter. Not the fact that Yun Jian had previously shown mind-boggling skills that could protect her!

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Hence, she pushed Yun Jian away automatically while she stood on the spot. Even if she would die, she was going to fight one more time so her daughter could run.

The scene was mayhem. Everyone was running in throngs despite their loss of coordination. No one dared step out to fight the terrorists.

Yun Jian’s docile gaze slowly transformed as belligerence exploded from the bottom of her heart.

Looking at the outlaw thrusting his machete toward Qin Yirou who was the closest to him, Yun Jian did not even think about it when she grabbed Qin Yirou to guard her behind her back.

"Xiao Jian, no!" Qin Yirou wailed, thinking that Yun Jian was going to take the strike in her place.

Qin Yirou’s howl was swiftly drowned amidst the commotion. People around her did not notice what was going on as their sole instinct was running for their lives.

The terrorists were killing people thoughtlessly. The mass who had realized this could not help shoving everyone around themselves away to stop the offenders so they had time to flee.

"Clank!" Before Qin Yirou recovered from her aggrieved screech, Yun Jian had already kicked the machete out of the outlaw’s grip.

"Ah! Ahh! Help, help..." A lavishly dressed woman who ran past Qin Yirou shrieked and grabbed the latter, pushing her toward the outlaw who was coming at her.

The terrorists were killing anyone they saw. As long as there was someone in front of them, they either swung or thrust their machete at their victim.

When the woman saw that the terrorist was about to get to her, she shoved Qin Yirou over in fear to squeeze in some time for her to save herself.

"Be damned!" Yun Jian made a low growl with her towering rage. When the woman pushed Qin Yirou to the outlaw that was after her, Yun Jian had just kicked off the machete from the other terrorist.

"Ahh!" Watching how the machete in the terrorist’s hand was going to plunge into Qin Yirou’s c.h.e.s.t when it was supposed to land on the woman, the latter ran jostling into the crowd, looking terrified.

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Qin Yirou who was tucked to safety behind Yun Jian before she was hauled out by that woman felt her heart lurching to the tip of her throat. Partially, it was because she was worried about Yun Jian being hurt by the terrorist for protecting her just now; secondly, it was also because she had seen the other terrorist’s machete coming right under her nose.

Qin Yirou could feel the summon of death.

In the next second, Yun Jian sprinted to her and shoved Qin Yirou away, blocking the outlaw’s attack for Qin Yirou with her arm. She had not noticed it when Qin Yirou was pulled away by the woman to become her shield. When she did, however, it was too late.

As fast as she could, she tucked Qin Yirou away once more, and to prevent her from getting hurt, she parried the machete with her b.a.r.e arm.

The terrorist’s machete had sliced Yun Jian’s arm open, fresh crimson blood spurting from the wound.

Yun Jian’s gaze darkened.

She was not a god. In her past life, when she had killed all her enemies, she too was bathed in blood. It had been a long time since she experienced the feeling of being wounded.

The feeling of her flesh being gashed open made her reconnect with the feeling of slaughtering in the past.

"Trying to kill my mom? I’ll be collecting your lives then!" Yun Jian breathed fire.

Not even glancing at the blood that was dripping on the floor from her arm, she stared at the terrorists murderously.

Despite being numbed from their act of terror in the mall, the outlaws were taken aback.

When everyone else who was running to save their lives was already some distance away and snapped out of their panic, they saw a young girl with a bleeding arm training her gaze on the terrorists with rage.

Was she not afraid of these man-butchering terrorists!

Alarmed and horrified, they could not help stopping to watch.

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