The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 195 - Yun Jian’s Single Rebuff

Chapter 195 - Yun Jian’s Single Rebuff

"Xiao Jian!" Qin Yirou ran to her daughter to tend to her arm and stop the bleeding when she saw the gushing blood.

Stopping her and quietly nudging Qin Yirou to her back, Yun Jian looked back at the outlaws who were staring at her with the machetes in their hands.

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Those people who were close to death’s door, but lucky Yun Jian had attracted the attention of all the terrorists allowing them the chance to flee without hesitation.

Within a few seconds, the ground floor was cleared, saved for the first few victims whose current states were unknown as they lay on the floor.

The shopping mall had only one entrance to come in and go out, thus it had everyone crowding upstairs from the first floor to the third floor.

It was not that they were reluctant to leave. Quite the contrary, no one was willing to stay and witness the bloodshed. In spite of it, no one could escape the mall. The only exit of the mall had the killing mob barricading it.

They could only push and jostle themselves up the mall, hoping to survive until the police came to their rescue. Everyone was scared of being killed in a slit once the terrorist caught them.

No one was saved from fear facing death.

Where the mass was trapped, they could clearly see Yun Jian’s blood dripping on the floor from her fair and delicate arm, making a puddle with the pooling blood on the floor.

It was like the girl felt no pain, however, as she allowed her blood to stream without a care.

The scene chilled those watching.

The mob that consisted of four masked men fully clad in black signaled each other with their hands before they neared Yun Jian with their machetes in unison.

It was obvious that this was a planned massacre.

Today was one of the mall’s peak shopping periods with bustling crowds, so much so that people were elbowing each other as they walked.

The reason the terrorists had chosen this location for their slaughter was none other than the mall housing a mass. A simple wave of their machete would kill someone.

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Moreover, the mall visitors were civilians. Even if people were killed, no one dared step out to stop them. Everyone was scared of being killed themselves.

This inevitably drove the outlaws’ killing motivation.

Now, there was suddenly Yun Jian. She kicked a terrorist’s machete flying and pulled Qin Yirou away from the other’s attack. From her reactions, it was blatant that she was not an ordinary girl. That way why the outlaws grouped up against her.

They did not know that they were challenging death. There was no point of return for them.


With a squint, Yun Jian kept Qin Yirou behind her at a distance in which she could still protect her, before stomping on the grip of the machete that she had kicked away from the terrorist just now.

The rebound force allowed the machete to bounce back up from the floor and without even bending down, Yun Jian stretched her hand and caught the machete that was previously laying on the floor.

"Xiao Jian! Xiao Jian..." As if realizing what Yun Jian was going to do, Qin Yirou cried out in unease.

"Swoop!" The sound of blade penetrating flesh was heard as the outlaw nearest to Yun Jian was stabbed to death in the next second.

Yun Jian who had just killed the criminal did not show a hint of nervousness despite the crowd’s prediction. On the contrary, she was calm and collected, like she had killed an ant just now.

The other three outlaws widened their eyes but they resumed their attack at Yun Jian with the machetes.

There were three sounds of gashes. The three terrorists had yet to react, Yun Jian did not move from her spot. Nonetheless, the three criminals collapsed instantly, their throats slit by the machete that Yun Jian had thrown.

They were killed! The young girl killed them! She did it so skillfully too! Like she had practiced this countless times!

The mass who witnessed the scene did not freak out in expectation. Instead, they breathed in relief.

The terrorists were dead. This meant that they were safe now.

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