The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 196 - Bandaging Her Wound And Slapping The Woman

Chapter 196 - Bandaging Her Wound And Slapping The Woman

During the critical juncture, no one dared fight against the machete-wielding terrorists.

Everyone only thought to protect themselves to avoid the attack, but no one ever considered the fact that the outlaws were not professionals. Even if they were trained, there were only four of them!

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Those who were squashing against each other hurrying to flee in the mall were at least over thousands if not tens of thousands!

Among the thousands of people, there were plenty of robust men but no one dared put their foot forward to fight the terrorists who were slaughtering the innocent.

Humans showed their most instinctive nature during the most dangerous moments.

The one who stood up and saved the crowd, ultimately, was a young teenage girl who did not even look like she had reached eighteen years of age!

While the throngs of people breathed in relief, they could not help staring at Yun Jian with bafflement.

"Xiao Jian... You..." Qin Yirou was dumbfounded by Yun Jian killing the men just now.

Her daughter, her usually docile and sensible daughter, had killed someone! Her Xiao Jian killed someone!

That was against the law!

"Mom." Yun Jian took one step closer to Qin Yirou and held her trembling hands after that. "Mom, if I didn’t kill them just now, we would be the ones who died."

Qin Yirou was shaking when she looked at Yun Jian. She parted her lips, filled with questions about Yun Jian’s previous actions, but in the end, she could not manage to ask a thing.

Yun Jian was right. Legally, she killed the other party due to her life being at risk, the action would be deemed as self-defense and she would not be penalized.

"Xiao Jian, your – your arm is still bleeding! Mommy will take you to the hospital! We’ll bandage it up in the hospital!"

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Suddenly feeling a drop of moisture on the back of her hand, Qin Yirou looked down only to see the blood gushing out more fiercely from Yun Jian’s arm. She panicked, forgetting all of Jun Yian’s previous actions, as she moved to pull her daughter out.

"Mom, hold on." There was a sharp glint in Yun Jian’s eyes before she patted Qin Yirou’s hands to comfort her.

Qin Yirou was shocked to the core. She had never encountered what happened just now throughout her entire life.

Yun Jian tore the hem of her clothes, easily tearing a long strip of fabric to act as a bandage. Biting the temporary substitute, she wrapped it around her wound and bandaged it securely with a sense of ease and familiarity under everyone’s watch.

Despite her bone peeking through the flesh of her wound, it was not a deep gash to Yun Jian. She took it without batting an eye.

The crowd was amazed.

It was such a deep slit and she was just a young girl. Even if it were an a.d.u.l.t, who could bandage themselves up so well like her? Her speed of bandaging looked like she was a seasoned paramedic, but she was so young!

While the mass was engrossed with the thought, Yun Jian was already done wrapping her injury up and moved toward the staircase to the first floor.

The people who were seeking shelter up there were more or less afraid when they saw Yun Jian who had just killed the outlaws. It caused them to cram themselves to the side once Yun Jian walked over, automatically making way for the girl.

This continued on until Yun Jian came to a corner and hauled a lavishly dressed woman from there.

"You... What – what are you doing..." The woman looked at Yun Jian fearfully. Recalling how the girl looked when she killed the terrorists just now, the woman shook on the inside.

This woman was the offender who pushed Qin Yirou in becoming her human shield while she fled, causing Yun Jian to be cut open.

"I’m not planning to do anything." Yun Jian looked at the woman with a grin.

The unsettling grin remained as she landed a fierce slap on the woman’s face in the next second, making a loud resounding blow in the otherwise silent mall.


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