The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 197 - Her Warning. She Killed Them!

Chapter 197 - Her Warning. She Killed Them!

"Ah!" The woman let out a shrill cry.

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It was plain that the woman who wore a luxury branded coat and a Chanel purse came from a wealthy background.

In spite of it, she saw stars from Yun Jian’s slap as the latter did not go soft.

The woman coughed after the slap, feeling like something had fallen off her gum. Covering her mouth, she tried to hack whatever it was in her mouth out.

It was a tooth. The woman’s tooth fell out from Yun Jian’s slap!

The witnessing crowd dared not make a sound despite having seen what Yun Jian had done. The young girl had just killed the terrorists! She killed someone! Who would be brave enough to intervene with such a barrage...

"My – my tooth!" When the woman saw that it was an intact white tooth that was on her palm, she felt dizzy, nearly passing out as she shrieked.

She glared up at Yun Jian and sneered immediately, "Who are you! Do you know who I am? How dare you hit me!"

The woman was scared of Yun Jian for what she did just now but those were terrorists. If Yun Jian had not killed them, they would be killing more innocent civilians. She did not believe that Yun Jian would dare kill her.

Would she!

Ignoring the woman’s scorn, Yun Jian scowled at the woman, "This slap was for my mother."

Standing where she was, Yun Jian threw another hot slap on the woman’s thickly caked face.

The strength contained in her blow caused the woman, who did not react fast enough, to spit another few teeth from her mouth.

Due to the military training, Yun Jian had improved so tremendously that her strength level had far exceeded her past self.

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The powerful blow threatened to slap off all the woman’s teeth.

It was the woman reaping what she sowed to Yun Jian. She should not have pushed her mother out to shield herself!

Yun Jian did not mind her wound but if something did happen to Qin Yirou or if it had been too late to save her... she could not bring herself to imagine the heart-wrenching agony.

"This slap is my warning to you. Let me see you again next time and you’re dead!" Yun Jian spat menacingly.

The woman quivered like a leaf. Her previous dominance was gone as she was intimidated to silence. She had a foreboding sense that the girl would really kill her if she had spoken another word in front of her – just like how she had killed those outlaws!

Yun Jian went back to the ground floor after giving the woman two harsh slaps.

It was then when the police and a group of armed Special Forces charged in through the entrance. Ambulances arrived at the mall, too. The personnel began treating the wounded and dead on the spot, reviving those who were still alive.

Amongst the Special Forces, Yun Jian saw someone she was familiar with, Ge Junjian.

When the latter had received news that there were terrorists slaughtering civilians here, he and his team had made their way over instantly. The instruction they received from above was to gun down the terrorists at the scene.

It then came as a surprise that the outlaws were already dead when they bolted into the location and unexpectedly, Yun Jian was here too.

Yun Jian exchanged looks with Ge Junjian.

A plump police officer who held a recording pen and a notebook came to her and asked, "What happened just now? Who killed these terrorists?"

The woman who had been silent due to her fear of Yun Jian felt her confidence coming back now that the policies were here. She was unafraid of Yun Jian now, as if forgetting the latter’s warning.

She pointed at Yun Jian, crying out in a gratingly sharp voice, "Mr. Policeman, it’s her! She killed those people!"

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