The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 199 - Yun Jian’s Statement And The Truth

Chapter 199 - Yun Jian’s Statement And The Truth

"Is your arm alright?" Ge Junjian asked with a glance at Yun Jian’s arm when he saw her coming over with Qin Yirou.

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He had obviously heard from other witnesses that Yun Jian had gotten injured in favor of saving Qin Yirou. Otherwise, with her skills, she would definitely have been unscathed from the incident.

Speaking of which, due to this happening, Yun Jian’s sublime skills were evident as she could save Qin Yirou when the latter was so close to the blade.

Based on the witnesses’ narration, Ge Junjian knew that he would not have the speed to push Qin Yirou away in time even if he was to swap his life in place of hers should he had been there.

Yun Jian was truly someone who was competent enough to kill Wolf Blade who ranked tenth in the assassin chart!

"Not an issue." Yun Jian smiled and introduced Qin Yirou to Ge Junjian instead. "This is my mother."

"Ah..." Ge Junjian scanned Qin Yirou curiously after he heard her, taking in the lingering fear from the terror on her fatigued face. He just wanted to see what amazing woman had given birth to a daughter as outstanding as Yun Jian.

"Mom, this is the leader of the Special Forces troop," Yun Jian introduced Ge Junjian with a finger pointed at him, not planning to hide the fact from her mother. She just skipped the part that Ge Junjian was the leader of the Advanced Special Forces.

Advanced Special Forces and ordinary Special Forces were two entirely different things.

The ASF that Ge Junjian was in not only belonged directly to the country, but those who could be recruited into the troop were also people who had substantial influence in the country. – And Ge Junjian was the leader of this powerful troop.

Despite that, Ge Junjian was already someone formidable to Qin Yirou.

While she was curious why her daughter would be acquainted with someone so significant, she greeted Ge Junjian politely. "Nice to meet you!"

Since it was someone her daughter knew, she could not be embarrassing her in front of the guest.

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Ge Junjian nodded and looked at Qin Yirou affably before wearing a meaningful smile. "Nice to meet you too! Your daughter... She’s remarkable!"

The compliment was a sincere exclaim from Ge Junjian.

Qin Yirou was stunned by it.

"You guys are here? It’s your turn to make your statements. Come on in!" The plump officer went over to greet them when he saw Yun Jian and Qin Yirou coming back.

The group’s conversation stopped, as Yun Jian and Qin Yirou made their way into the police station. Ge Junjian followed as well.

He was the leader of the Advanced Special Forces. That was a high rank, so he could come and leave the police station freely.

The steps involved in taking Yun Jian’s statement were more complicated than that of the other witnesses. She had killed the terrorists after all. It was an undeniable fact.

Ge Junjian must have talked to the police officers beforehand as Yun Jian could leave the station after a simple statement and registration. She did not even have to go through the lengthy procedure.

Qin Yirou who left the police station was even more bewildered.

She asked the question that had been playing in her mind. "Xiao Jian, how did you come to know someone so significant like the Special Forces officer?"

She actually had more questions to ask, like why did her daughter change so much?

"Mom, I’ve actually joined the Special Forces. I’m one of the candidates now/" Yun Jian winked and suddenly came clean when they passed by a relatively barren place.

Luckily, Yuan Jian held Qin Yirou as she jumped when she heard her daughter’s confession, as if hearing something that could never actually happen. She dropped her jaw with bulging eyes.

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