The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 202 - She Was Going To Si Yi

Chapter 202 - She Was Going To Si Yi

"Oh..." Zhang Shaofeng could not help feeling disappointed when he heard his training was throwing chopsticks again.

He understood, however, that foundational work could not be trained in one day, so he occupied himself with ideas to improve his chopsticks throwing precision.

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Chen Xinyi made a funny face toward the direction that Zhang Shaofeng left in before turning to grin at Yun Jian while sticking her tongue out, looking adorable and cheeky.

It was also at this moment that the school bell rang, indicating the start of classes.

The students who had gathered amongst each other to chat and gossip returned to their seats while the teachers entered the classroom shortly with stacks of textbooks.


Yun Jian spent another period of time enjoying her peaceful life.

Now that Qin Yirou knew that she was training at the military camp, she could go to the training camp openly during the weekends.

At the same time, the first mission that was due in one month was approaching.

Completing the high intensity training and sweating profusely, Yun Jian had agreed to go to an exclusive club to let loose a little. She headed out with Chu Ning and the rest from the camp, but was stopped in her tracks upon seeing a deluxe sports car.

There was a deep frown on Yun Jian’s face when she saw the person in the car.

It was him?

Yun Jian knew the person and had seen him once after her rebirth. It was Snow Eagle, one of An Hun’s four commanders. He was one of Si Yi’s men.

Logically, she was rebirthed. Snow Eagle should not recognize her. Nonetheless, he had come all the way from Country M to Country Z to look for her? What did this mean?

"Who are you? Can you move your car? You’re blocking our way," Chu Ning said when she saw Snow Eagle suddenly stopping his sports car in the middle of the pedestrian walkway.

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This was reasonable. He had, after all, intentionally blocked the way when it was a pavement made for pedestrians. It was not like Chu Ning knew that Yun Jian knew Snow Eagle. That was why she spoke up.

"I’m looking for her." There was a slight furrow of brows on Snow Eagle as he pointed at Yun Jian. His innate hostility intimidated the rest of the group.

All four commanders of the An Hun Group were young handsome gentlemen who exuded grace. This was what Yun Jian knew.

"I know him," Yun Jian spoke up to her team as well after a two-second pause.

"You guys can go ahead. I think I’ll pass on the gathering this time," Yun Jian told Chu Ning and the rest, knowing that Snow Eagle would not come to her for no reason. In addition, it had been so long since she received any news from Si Yi after he went to the catacomb. It dreaded her.

"Huh? You’re not going anymore?" Chu Ning muttered before pursing her lips and said, "Alright then."

Yun Jian replied with a hum before she hopped on Snow Eagle’s sports car. The latter sped off a distance before finally stopping at a deserted spot.

"Did something happen to him?" Yun Jian asked anxiously before Snow Eagle spoke. Her tone was nervous, an emotion that she did not notice.

"Mm." Snow Eagle had a deep frown when he nodded at Yun Jian before speaking, "Young master went to the catacomb in the south with Ya Dang and Mo Sen and lost contact with us after a short period of time. The signal of the messenger was cut off in an instant. We... couldn’t get in touch with him."

Snow Eagle’s tone was grim and anxious.

"How long has it been since he went into the crypt?" Yun Jian asked quickly, disregarding what Snow Eagle would come to her after losing contact with Si Yi.

"About ten days. They brought food supplies with them when they entered but if they didn’t get out still, I’m afraid..." Snow Eagle did not finish his sentence.

When one of the four commanders of An Hun was currently so solemn, Yun Jian knew that things must have been serious.

The sandalwood box and the catacomb in the south... What secrets did they contain?

Gritting her teeth, she told Snow Eagle after a beat of silence, "I’ll head back to pack. Do you want to go to the catacomb with me?"

If something happened to Si Yi, she was going to find him.

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