The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 203 - Arriving In Country A, To The Catacomb

Chapter 203 - Arriving In Country A, To The Catacomb

Snow Eagle frowned, looking at Yun Jian as he said, "I have to stay in the group."

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Si Yi had told him that he had to stay within the organization even if something had happened to him, in order to prevent others from taking advantage of the situation.

Coming for Yun Jian, it was not actually part of Si Yi’s instruction. Snow Eagle knew that Si Yi did not intend to keep anything from Yun Jian and a woman who his young master could regard this way was definitely extraordinary.

That was the reason Snow Eagle came to Yun Jian, to ask for her help.

Clearly, Yun Jian did not disappoint him.

At the moment, Snow Eagle suddenly felt that Yun Jian was a perfect match to their young master!

"Okay." Yun Jian nodded. She understood what Snow Eagle meant.

The latter had to stay within An Hun Group, because An Hun was much like Gu Sha. Once all the authoritative figures were not in the organization, those lurking in the dark ready to wreak havoc would come out and do just that.

Yun Jian did not expect herself to go to the southern country out of the blue, but she was not able to keep still when she found out that something might happen to Si Yi.

There was a deep voice in her heart telling her that she must go to him. She had to see him in person if he was alive, or his corpse if he was dead!

When Yun Jian snapped herself out of the daze, she was already driving her LaFerrari toward Country A. It was the southern country where people dug out the sandalwood box from the catacomb.

As for her days of absence, she asked Ge Junjian to lie to Qin Yirou for her, citing that the military was conducting a closed intensive training to better cultivate the Special Forces candidates. She had even completed a report for the school.

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Holding the detailed map that she had received from Snow Eagle, Yun Jian sped on the highway. She did not drive leaving Country Z. She parked her car at the province airport and bought a flight ticket to Country A.

When she arrived there, the country where the sandalwood box was unearthed from the catacomb and the country where it was relatively impoverished and barren, it was already four in the evening.

Yun Jian continued her journey to the catacomb without a break.

The crypt was located in a deep valley. When Yun Jian arrived, she saw copious tents erected around the site. Carrying the items that she had previously packed, she was going to enter the underground tomb.

"Little girl! Wait!" A baritone voice stopped Yun Jian’s advancing stride and she turned around to see a serious looking middle-aged man with a pair of glasses perched on his nose, alongside a number of archaeological instruments in his hands.

Looking then at the team of people standing behind the man and their attire, it was undoubtedly that these people were archaeologists.

The discovery of the sandalwood box and the rumor of never exiting the crypt had attracted experts, scholars, archaeologists, and even renowned personages from all across the world. In spite of it, not many of them went into the catacomb.

There was a large group of people traveling from everywhere in the world to make their mark here, but there was only a rare handful of them who truly dared enter the catacomb.

Without a doubt, all of them were afraid of never coming out again once they entered. Just like the batches of people who had gone in previously, no one ever came out.

The middle-aged man had called out to Yun Jian in Mandarin, so it was a given that he was from Country Z. He asked, looking at Yun Jian, "Little girl, are you from Country Z too?"

Yun Jian gave a slight nod.

There was a furrow of brows from the man but he introduced himself first, "I’m Yu Bufan. These people behind me are my teammates. We’re members of Country Z’s Feilong Archaeological Team. What are you doing here, little girl? You wouldn’t be planning to go into the tomb, would you?"

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