The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 204 - Let’s Go Together. Welcome!

Chapter 204 - Let’s Go Together. Welcome!

The Feilong Archaeological Team was famous in Country Z, even those who were unfamiliar with the field knew of them.

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Yu Bufan, in front of Yun Jian right now, and the group of people behind him were members of the enigmatic team.

Yun Jian was not familiar with the archaeological field but she had heard about the Feilong team too. She nodded at Yu Bufan. "Yes. I’m entering the crypt."

It was not just Yu Bufan but his teammates who came with him too, that gasped when they heard Yun Jian.

Did the little girl not know about the situation inside the tomb? Why was she declaring that she was entering the tomb as though she was going for a walk in the park?

Did she not hear about the rumor of never exiting the catacomb?

"Uh, little girl, are you alone?" Yu Bufan swallowed and asked.

When Yu Bufan saw Yun Jian and her bulging backpack just now, he was just making a wild assumption that she was going into the catacomb, but never expected that to actually be the case. – Alone too, in fact!

"I’m Yun Jian. It’s just me," Yun Jian replied, not in a hurry to go.

She had only arrived here. It would be useful to probe around and find out more about this place. She was sure about one thing, however, that was she was bound to enter the tomb.

"Cough, have you not heard about the catacomb’s rumor? We’ve quartered here for a long time and there have been many who went down but none of them ever come out alive! Are you still going in even when this is the case?" Yu Bufan reminded her kindly.

If Yun Jian did not come from Country Z, he might not stop her. He just did not want to see more unnecessary sacrifices.

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"Mm, I have to enter regardless," Yun Jian answered.

The main reason of course, was for Si Yi. The second was due to the secret of the sandalwood box contained in this catacomb. She wanted to know how and why she was rebirthed as well. She longed to seek the answer!

If she could be rebirthed and if she discovered the secret to it, could she revive her baby brother too?

It was nothing but wild fantasy, yet Yun Jian was willing to give it a try. Something as mystical as a rebirth happened to her, who was to say that her baby brother could not be brought back to life?

"Alright then. If you insist, I have two friends with me who are entering the catacomb too. If you don’t mind, you can go with them," Yu Bufan offered.

To show that he was not a swindler, he explained further, "Both my friends have waited around for several days too, already gathering a group of people with similar intentions to enter the tomb. Since all of you are going and who knows what will happen once you’re in there, my friends planned to assemble more people to go together so they can watch out for each other too."

What Yu Bufan did not say was that the group of people whom his friends had gathered were all from Country Z. This was also the reason Yu Bufan had asked if Yun Jian was from Country Z immediately when he saw her.

"Go together?" Yun Jian raised her brow and replied lightly after a pause, "Sure."

Yu Bufan was delighted when he received her answer, taking her to meet his two friends.

On the outside, Yun Jian did not appear skillful, however, one more person was one more sense of assurance and security. It was nothing bad.

Yu Bufan’s friends were a tall man and a short man respectively. The tall and thin one was Bo Zhan while the short and plump one was Fu Xin.

Both of them were professional graverobbers and had raided plenty of tombs, even having a reputation internationally. Both of them were nice, welcoming Yun Jian to the team warmly.

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