The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 205 - Companions And A Trouble Instigator

Chapter 205 - Companions And A Trouble Instigator

"Nice to meet you. We welcome your addition." Bo Zhan stretched his hand out to welcome Yun Jian but Yun Jian had only nodded slightly without the intention to accept the handshake.

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Bo Zhan was not put off by her, diverting the conversation. "The others who will be going with us tomorrow have gone around the catacomb to check its surroundings, they will come back in a while."

Not too long after he said that, a team of five or six people appeared in their field of vision.

Bo Zhan pointed at the group and introduced them to Yun Jian. "You guys are back. This is Yun Jian, she’s our newest companion and will enter the tomb with us tomorrow."

"Oh my god! She’s going into the tomb?" Before Bo Zhan could finish, he was cut off by a woman who was dressed garishly.

The woman made a surprised face as she continuously studied Yun Jian from head to toe, before she spoke up like a sigh, "Little girl, have you reached eighteen this year?"

She even clicked her tongue after that.

Yun Jian gave her a glimpse but ignored her.

The woman stood out amongst the men as she was the only female in the group going to the catacomb. Her name was Ye Yunting. Her nice sounding name and her features were considerably pretty but she looked unnatural with makeup and eyeliner caked on her face.

Moreover, there was a stinging perfume fragrance on her that stopped people from genuinely liking her. Her tone of speech, too, repulsed others.

In spite of it, Ye Yunting was unaware. She was enraged once she saw Yun Jian turning away and ignoring her.

Yun Jian was the only girl other than her in the group, so Ye Yunting was only looking for a temporary friend to keep her from feeling more lonely. That was why she talked to her in the first place, not expecting that Yun Jian would blatantly turn a blind eye on her.

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Ye Yunting was not a pushover. Immediately, she muttered in front of everyone disregarding Yun Jian’s feelings, "Please! She really thinks she’s that amazing! If you’re so good and so proud, why are you following us? Go down the tomb on your own!"

Ye Yunting was the classic "an eye for an eye" kind of person.

Nonetheless, her words did not rouse any anger from Yun Jian.

"Ye Yunting, can you behave for once!" A handsome man standing beside said woman who was in his late twenties, maybe around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, growled lowly at her.

The man then looked at Yun Jian apologetically. "Girlie, I apologize on her behalf. Don’t mind her."

"Ling Tianhao, you’re scolding me over someone else. I’m not even at fault!" Ye Yunting shouted when she saw the man apologizing to Yun Jian.

The man who was addressed as Ling Tianhao frowned unnoticeably. His disdain toward Ye Yunting flashed. They were a couple, everyone there except Yun Jian knew. What they did not know, however, was that Ye Yunting’s love was one-sided,

The reason Ling Tianhao had even agreed to be together with her, was because of Ye Yunting’s elder brother. Both of them were soldiers, best friends, and also comrades back then.

Once on a mission, Ye Yunting’s elder brother had sacrificed himself to save Ling Tianhao, at the same time entrusting his younger sister, Ye Yunting, to him.

Unable to refuse the request, he got together with Ye Yunting and it had been three years since then.

Not only did he harbor no feelings for the girl throughout the years, but he was also increasingly sickened by her, especially when she found fault with Yun Jian just now, even putting the girl down because the latter did not act as she wished.

Ling Tianhao was well aware of what was happening.

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