The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 207 - Nonsense. I’ll Go First

Chapter 207 - Nonsense. I’ll Go First

Gu Sha Mercenaries! It was that internationally renowned mercenary organization!

Bo Zhan’s words appalled Ling Tianhao, Sun Jianxiong, and their comrades.

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Yun Jian raised her brow. She saw the logo on the car too. There was no doubt it was her Mercenary. It was just that it was too dark and she could not distinguish who was in the car.

"What Gu Sha Mercenaries? Ye Yunting asked with a disdainful arch of her brow.

"Must be a small group and look how frightened you guys are. It’s not like we’re in a sci-fi movie!" she muttered again.

She was the typical young miss who was taken care of. Having grown up in her childhood home without any awareness of the assassination and mercenary organizations that operated on a global scale.

It explained why she scoffed at the terror-stricken faces of the group when Gu Sha Mercenaries were mentioned.

When Sun Jianxiong and others heard her, they nearly gave her a slap.

It was fine that Ye Yunting said what she did among themselves. If she had said it in front of the Gu Sha members, it would not just be her, everyone else here would die with her!

"Ye Yunting, shut up!" It was the first time Sun Jianxiong had roared at Ye Yunting who had nothing to do with him.

"Gu Sha Mercenaries are not people we can afford to offend! You better keep yourself in check, Ye Yunting. Otherwise, don’t come with us," Fu Xin who had always kept to himself warned her as well.

In spite of it, no one explained the reason to her.

Ye Yunting did keep her mouth clamped after being shot down by the men as she was worried for Bo Zhan and Fu Xin refusing to take her along. Even if Ling Tianhao insisted on bringing her, it would still be a futile effort. Nevertheless, she did not truly let it slip.

She felt wronged, gritting her teeth to herself.

What Gu Sha Mercenaries? How good could they be? Please, she did not believe it!

"Pack up and sleep early. We’ll go down the catacomb first thing in the morning," Bo Zhan said with creased brows.

The group dispersed to do their own activity after that.

Yun Jian pursed her lips together, wondering who from Gu Sha was in the SUV. Perhaps she would see the person when they were in the crypt. After she checked all her belongings, she returned to the tent.

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The night passed peacefully.

When the next day came, the sun had yet to rise at between four-five in the morning. It was currently fall, transitioning into winter. The sky was a wash of black still.

Yun Jian turned and got up.

When Bo Zhan and the rest woke up, she was already done with her morning training and put on all her gears.

"Gather round and we’ll depart," Bo Zhan announced when everyone else got up.

He then said his goodbye with Yu Bufan and others before the group headed for the catacomb.

Yun Jian walked last, observing the surroundings along her way. When they arrived at the entrance of the catacomb, it was already half past eight in the morning.

What greeted the group was an ancient well.

When the catacomb was discovered, it was through this dried up well. It was also the only way in, going down this deep withered well.

"Who’s going first?" Bo Zhan asked after securing the ropes.

"Ye Yunting, since you’re so good, why don’t you hop down first?" Sun Jianxiong suggested his dislike toward the girl.

"I – I..." Ye Yunting shuddered, taking two steps back when she looked apprehensively at the well. She would never be the first one to go down.

Suddenly, she was struck with an idea and pointed at Yun Jian. "You’re the last to join us. You go down first!"

There was no logic behind her words.

The first person to enter the crypt might trigger the secret mechanism accidentally, so Ye Yunting dared not take the risk regardless.

"I’ll go down first then," Bo Zhan said after that.

"I’ll go first." Yun Jian blinked. She walked over to pull on the rope and hopped off and down into the well without any hesitation, acting fast and lithe.

The group was stunned. After all, their minds were still replaying the advice of "no survivors upon entry in the catacomb". Who knew if those people before them were killed directly by the secret mechanism once they went down into the crypt?

Yun Jian was only – fifteen or sixteen years of age. Was she not afraid of dying?

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