The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 208 - No Way Out. Here’s The Mechanism

Chapter 208 - No Way Out. Here’s The Mechanism

Despite their disbelief, one by one with Bo Zhan leading, they went into the underground tomb after Yun Jian.

Ye Yunting was pushed down by Ling Tianhao. She was already reeling back upon witnessing how deep the well was, but she was later mercilessly dragged by him and went down as well too.

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Yun Jian who got down first switched on her flashlight with a snap. Observing her surroundings, there was a secret passage in the bottom of the well. When she looked up toward the mouth of the well, it was pitch black as the sun could not even reach where she was.

She could not see Bo Zhan and others who were standing outside the dried well either, let alone hear their voices.

It felt eerie.

In spite of it, the group came down one after another before long.

"How is it? Is there a way?" Bo Zhan asked Yun Jian when he came down while toying with the communication device in his hands. The signal was at full bars.

"There’s only one way," Yun Jian said pointing at the only available passage in front of them.

"Everyone’s here. Let’s go then." Bo Zhan turned his flashlight on and had Yun Jian keep hers off before he led the way in front.

Not intending to be a show-off, Yun Jian acted accordingly and followed behind the man.

"Are – are we really going? It’s so dark here... and so narrow and small..." Ye Yunting swallowed fearfully as she looked around in caution.

"You’re scared now? You were the one asking to come along and confidently declaring that you aren’t afraid of anything. Now? It’s too late!" Sun Jianxiong scorned at Ye Yunting.

"Alright, enough from the both of you. Let’s just keep up with them." Ling Tianhao mediated the situation and without waiting for the girl, he joined the group.

When Ye Yunting saw him leaving, she quickly followed.

The passageway was narrow and tiny, merely fitting one person through it while keeping a hunched position.

Someone who was bigger in size would find it hard to squeeze through. Fu Xin was fat but it was not too much of a challenge yet.

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"Follow closely." The fluttering sound of wind swept past the ears as Bo Zhan reminded the people at the back.

They were stepping on thick soil, observing plenty of other footsteps trailed on it, as they trudged further into the tomb.

It was plain that there were many people entering the catacomb but not one pair of footsteps has headed the way out.

Over ten minutes of walking later, Yun Jian realized that the narrow path began to gain width the deeper they traveled inside. Toward the end, not only could they stand up, it was still spacious with their arms stretched.

"Hold on, there’s no way in anymore." Bo Zhan was greeted with walls made up of mud and rocks on all sides in the end. There was no path that they could continue going.

"What? we came in through the only entrance here – how could there be no path anymore? Did you guys take the wrong turn? Are you messing around?" Ye Yunting yapped at the top of her lungs.

"There’s surely a hidden mechanism." Bo Zhan narrowed his brows and turned to his partner, Fu Xin.

"Old Xin, find it with me." Speaking, he uncovered plenty of tools from his backpack.

Both Bo Zhan and Fu Xin were professional grave robbers, so they were familiar with searching for hidden mechanisms.

Ling Tianhao, Sun Jianxiong, and the others stood on their spot waiting patiently as they were not well versed in this task.

Before Bo Zhen could brandish all his tools, a melodious girly voice rang, "No need to find it."

Yun Jian said, approached the corner in front and continued. "The mechanism is here."

"Like you’d know where the mechanism is. Hah, stop disrupting the flow. Who do you think you are? You..."

Since Ye Yunting held prejudice against Yun Jian from the beginning, it was like she had caught her blunder now as she began her verbal attack like a machine gun.


Yun Jian had already reached the corner by then. Tapping away the sand on the ground, a small mechanism was revealed. With a press, the center of the ground, where there had been no path ahead suddenly sank. Looking back again, a pathway leading to the passage downward appeared before everyone.

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