The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 209 - Under The Stairwell. The Skull Marking

Chapter 209 - Under The Stairwell. The Skull Marking

The activated mechanism revealed the path.

Ye Yunting who was just bashing Yun Jian turned silent. She was basically clowning with herself. What a joke.

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"Yun Jian, how did you know that the mechanism is here?" Bo Zhan was the first to ask Yun Jian with shock written on his face.

"The soil looks loose. Someone probably activated it before us, so it was not hard to spot it," Yun Jian explained before sweeping the sand back to cover the mechanism up.

"Since someone’s activated it, why’d they conceal it? And why are you doing the same too?" Ling Tianhao who stood on the side asked in puzzlement.

"Those who came here naturally don’t wish for anyone else to come after them and snatch the treasure in the catacomb away." Yun Jian cracked a toothy grin before she pursed her lips together and continued carelessly. "Me too."

She actually did not do that for this reason.

Bo Zhan and Fu Xin who were experts in tomb raiding were also fans of studying various mechanisms of the catacombs.

Although it was Yun Jian’s answer that kept them surprised.

The mechanisms in a catacomb were linked to each other. If the person who went in covered up the mechanism here, there must be a reason behind it. Copying the actions would at least ensure that they would not trigger other dangerous ones.

As for Yun Jian’s smart reply, they could not help doing a double take at her.

This fifteen-year-old young lady whom they assumed to be the weakest link in the group was not a simple character!

"Cough, let’s head down now." Bo Zhan led the way with his flashlight.

Yun Jian followed and the group continued in their previous manner.


Oddly, the mechanism behind them closed automatically after Ye Yunting, who was the last one, walked into the downward passage.

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"Ah! It closed on its own! Why is it doing that? It closed automatically! How are we supposed to go out then? The rumor must be true! Those who come in cannot exit! Oh no, what do we do? Are we dying here..."

Ye Yunting was yowling as she trembled, her voice increasingly piercing and panicky.

"Shut up! One more sound and I’ll kill you first!" Yun Jian suddenly turned around and glared daggers at the girl from the wide staircase.

The intensity of her glare in addition to the eeriness of the inky black underground passageway gave Ye Yunting the chills, too scared to make any more noise.

The reason Yun Jian was suddenly savage was that she heard voices somewhere below the stairwell. – Yes, human voices.

That was why she snapped at Ye Yunting, who was making too many unnecessary shrieks, to shut up.

"What is it? Did you discover anything?" Bo Zhan asked, turning back to look at Yun Jian.

After Yun Jian’s instant unearthing of the mechanism, Bo Zhan no longer treated her like a child. The mechanism had been obvious but he who was famed for raiding graves could not discern it in just a glance too. It was apparent that Yun Jian was not an ordinary girl.

"There are people down there," Yun Jian said with her eyes cast down and went past Bo Zhan to hurriedly head down.

Was he down there?

"People down there? Why didn’t we hear a thing?" Sun Jianxiong was stunned.

"That’s cause your hearing is going bad," A muscly man beside him retorted with a chuckle.

The group continued their way down until they arrived at an empty plot of land.

As one trekked forward and down the stairs after activating the mechanism, who would have imagined that there was a space as large as a quarter of a basketball court under the withered well?

Currently, there were two groups gathered here.

Yun Jian scanned the mass but failed to find the person she had been dying to see. Instead, she espied the skull marking on the arms of one of the group’s members. It was so very salient.

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