The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 21 - Good As New. The Annoying Aunt (2)

Chapter 21 - Good As New. The Annoying Aunt (2)

As Yun Jian turned into the room, she saw a few people standing beside Qin Yirou’s bed.

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As she entered a snobbish female voice came from a woman who was standing close, she was dressed extravagantly. She was in her forties but looked like she had just passed thirty because she maintained herself well.

The woman was none other than her aunt, Qin Yirou’s elder sister, Qin Junlan.

They were probably here to visit Qin Yirou since she got into an accident, the intentions of their visit were blatant.

"Mom, I made you dinner. It’s in the thermal lunchbox." Yun Jian took only a glance at the visitors and walked in to open the lunchbox by the bed. Ignoring the visitors as she went past them; at the same time, cutting Qin Junlan’s conversation short.

A visit from her own elder sister on the second day of Qin Yirou’s injury was supposed to be a joy.

This however was not the reality.

Qin Junlan’s visit was only an excuse. Her true purpose was to ask for money back from Qin Yirou.

Not too long ago, Qin Yirou borrowed some money from Qin Junlan as schools had just reopened and they were collecting tuition fees. Yun Yi’s school fee was high as he was studying in one of the city’s prominent high schools while Yun Jian was also still studying in town, the sum of their tuition fees was not a small amount.

Qin Yirou was unable to make ends meet and could only borrow the sum from her elder sister, Qin Junlan, who was better off than her.

Married well, Qin Junlan’s husband was a small businessman, thus she lived comfortably.

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In spite of it, Qin Junlan was hesitant and reluctant to lend Qin Yirou the sum. Eventually, she had only grudgingly lent her money only afraid of being gossiped.

Now that she heard the news of Qin Yirou being injured, Qin Junlan could no longer keep herself together. – It was not because she was worried about her younger sister’s injury but she wondered how Qin Yirou would earn and clear her debt when her hands were injured.

This was why Qin Junlan was here today with the whole family, to ask Qin Yirou for money in the name of visiting her.

"Sis, look at my state now. I can’t even eat on my own. Can I return you the money later? I’ll go back to the factory once my injury heals and return you what I owe once I receive my pay!" Qin Yirou pleaded Qin Junlan.

Qin Junlan was further upset now; she had not been the happiest to lend her sister money in the beginning anyway.

Actually, Qin Junlan’s family did not really need the money. On the contrary, her family was one of the wealthiest in Xinjiang Town.

Despite that, she was still unwilling to lend money for nothing, even if it were her biological sister. Moreover, who knew when her poverty-stricken sister could pay back what she borrowed!

Hawk-eyed, Qin Junlan suddenly caught glimpse of the chicken soup Yun Jian was retrieving from the thermal lunchbox. Her initial discontent exploded at once.

"Oh, Yirou, look at your condition now. You work so hard and got yourself injured yet your daughter went to buy chicken. How expensive a chicken is right now! How are you going to survive when she doesn’t even know how to be frugal at this young age!"

It was chicken! Qin Junlan’s children barely had chicken throughout the year! In addition, Qin Yirou could not even repay her debt yet she was having chicken?

Qin Junlan was even more dismayed once she thought about it.

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