The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 211 - No Mercy To Those Who Insult Me

Chapter 211 - No Mercy To Those Who Insult Me

Just when everyone was panicking from the situation, thinking all of them were going to be dragged into the predicament by the despicable Ye Yunting, an airy female voice waltzed in.

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"It’s up to you to kill Ye Yunting or not, but don’t even think about laying a finger on the others." Yun Jian met Bear.Might’s gaze directly, completely unhindered by his intimidating aura.

Bo Zhan and the others were not Bear.Might’s worthy opponents. Despite not being able to be ranked on the international assassin chart, he was still an assassin after all. It was still a walk in the park for him to kill people like Bo Zhan and the group.

This was the strength of the Gu Sha Mercenaries. It was never just talk for the members to kill a group of people single-handedly.

"Yun Jian, how dare you want him to kill me! How could you be so vicious! Do you have any conscience! If we didn’t take you in, you probably couldn’t even enter this place and you’re abandoning me right now!" Ye Yunting lambasted Yun Jian from genuine fear, forgetting how she had previously harassed the latter when she could not retaliate against her.

"Who are you?" Bear.Might ignored Ye Yunting as he looked directly at Yun Jian. His instinct told him that she was not an ordinary girl.

Held at gunpoint, grown men like Bo Zhan and the rest of his group were quivering in fear yet Yun Jian was unfazed. Instead, she had stepped up to defend the others.

Bear.Might was brazen but he constantly reminded himself that he was a Gu Sha member. To be able to squeeze himself into the top hundredth, he was not someone who simply killed someone before investigating the person’s background. Otherwise, he would not have been able to survive to this day.

"We’re not enemies," Yun Jian replied with a squint, facing Bear.Might with her pretty side profile.

She turned away after that to walk toward Ye Yunting while everyone else watched on.

"You – what do you want..." Ye Yunting stumbled back, looking anxiously at Yun Jian who was walking toward her with belligerence.

As she stepped back continuously, she eventually trapped to a corner, no longer able to retreat.

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"Has anyone ever told you that you can’t provoke the Gu Sha Mercenaries?" Yun Jian’s smirk was unnerving. It was eerie.

Ye Yunting shook her head in fear. Looking at Bear.Might’s pistol, she called out in apprehension, "I’m wrong, I’ve done wrong. Yun Jian, plead my case for me! Help me, I can’t die..."

Ye Yunting thought that Yun Jian was going to sacrifice her to save herself and the rest of their group, as she was the one who had offended Bear.Might and the other Gu Sha members with her words.

It was only now that she was struck with the realization that anyone from Gu Sha could easily brandish a pistol and kill somebody. The organization was nothing like the insignificant group she had referred to earlier.

"Help you? Is my Gu Sha’s pride simply for you to insult?" Yun Jian’s smirk grew wider as she narrowed her eyes at Ye Yunting who was trembling.

"My Gu Sha"? Was Yun Jian one of Gu Sha Mercenaries too?

Those around widened their eyes and stared at Yun Jian in aghast and shock when they heard her. She was – she was... a Gu Sha member?!

But she was so young!

Even Bear.Might and his group were dumbstruck.

Yet, Yun Jian was heard asking him, "Tell us. What’s the repercussion for an outsider who insults Gu Sha Mercenaries?"

It was an unquestionable command. Yun Jian had an innate sense of a king.

Even the fierce Bear.Might submit without knowing Yun Jian’s identity and status. He looked at her in disbelief but it came naturally to him as he answered, "The organization states that anyone who insults the Gu Sha Mercenaries is to be killed!"

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