The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 212 - Not Worthy Of Knowing. Was She…

Chapter 212 - Not Worthy Of Knowing. Was She…

"Anyone who insults the Gu Sha Mercenaries is to be killed!" Yun Jian repeated. Her piercing gaze landed on Ye Yunting like a sharp sword with brimming killing intent.

She was the one who set this rule.

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"Why aren’t you doing anything yet?" Yun Jian turned to order Bear.Might.

He and his men were stupefied.

According to the current scenario, Yun Jian was supposed to be on the same side as Ye Yunting.

Now that the latter insulted the Gu Sha Mercenaries, this young girl had not only referred to herself as one of the Gu Sha members, she was asking him to kill the woman who had entered the crypt with her?

Ye Yunting, on the other side, was thoroughly terrified. It never crossed her mind that Yun Jian was actually from the Gu Sha Mercenaries.

In spite of it, she did not forget to ask for help. Since pleading Yun Jian was futile, she scrambled to Ling Tianhao and grabbed the hem of his pants, wailing, "Tianhao, save me, help me... They have a gun. They’re going to kill me! I don’t have my brother anymore, you said that you’re going to protect me..."

Ye Yunting’s elder brother had died to save Ling Tianhao. Before his demise, he had asked the latter to take care of his younger sister in his place. This had always been a cause Ye Yunting held against Ling Tianhao.

Nonetheless, the man did not spare her a glance.

"Of all the people you could offend, you provoked one from the Gu Sha Mercenaries! They’re the top international assassination group! And you’re still thinking about staying alive after insulting them?" Sun Jianxiong hollered at Ye Yunting in resentment. He disliked the woman from the bottom of his heart.

If Old Ye who had sacrificed himself to save Ling Tianhao was not Ye Yunting’s elder brother, these men, Ling Tianhao and Sun Jianxiong included would not even be bothered with her.

The top assassination group! Gu Sha Mercenaries was actually an assassin organization!

When she heard this, Ye Yunting’s quavering body slumped at once.

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The killers and relevant organizations that she had only ever seen in movies and films existed in real life. The key point, she had offended them!

Bear.Might who was ordered by Yun Jian hesitated to act. His gaze toward her was no longer hostile but he asked in a probing manner, "May I know your moniker in the organization?"

There had always been an unstated rule in Gu Sha Mercenaries. A person’s pseudonym represented them as a whole. At the same time, the higher you ranked incompetence, the higher your status in Gu Sha was.

Bear.Might’s intention in asking the question was obvious.

If Yun Jian’s position was higher than his, he would be reverent toward her. However, if her status was lower than his in Gu Sha, he would not heed her instruction.

When Bo Zhan and the others eventually accepted Yun Jian’s identity, her flippant tone from her conversation with Bear.Might drifted to them.

"You’re not worthy of knowing." Yun Jian looked at Bear.Might with her lips pressed together and her arms crossed in front of her.

He actually did not deserve to know.

Yun Jian was Gu Sha’s biggest boss. Even the super elites who were ranked between the top twenty to fifty were not qualified to see her, what was more, Bear.Might had barely got into the hundredth.

"F*ck, this kiddo is egoistic huh? You probably aren’t even born yet when a few of us joined Gu Sha!" A man who stood beside Bear.Might finally lashed out, hurling a fist toward Yun Jian as he spoke, but he was stopped by Bear.Might.

The latter was somehow more perceptive. He was, after all, someone who could push himself into the top hundred ranking. It was undeniable that he was skilled.

Yun Jian quite admired Bear.Might’s ability to hold himself back. With her rosy lips curled up into a smile as she gazed at Bear.Might’s group, it finally stopped on said man. "You’re working under Liz?"

Snake.Lizard’s status in Gu Sha was apparent.

For Yun Jian to call her Liz, was this young girl ranked much higher than someone so prominent like Snake.Lizard! Then she was...

The fluctuating changes of Bear.Might’s expression took Bo Zhan and others who were watching on a tour. When the final unimaginable thought popped into his head, he froze like a thunderbolt struck him.

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