The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 213 - Incapacitating Ye Yunting. There Was No Way Ahead

Chapter 213 - Incapacitating Ye Yunting. There Was No Way Ahead

Yun Jian wiped off her smile when she saw Bear.Might’s fleeting emotions. She said looking at him, "No need to make wild guesses at my identity. You just have to tell me now, if you are Liz’s underling."

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With his thoughts exposed, Bear.Might put away his hesitation and turned to Yun Jian respectfully with a nod. "Yes. I’m working under the venerable Snake.Lizard."

Bear.Might was working for Snake.Lizard but he was only one of her many underlings, one who rarely got to meet her. His position was inevitably lower than Civet who sent Yun Jian her sports car previously.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded with a squint.

"I’m done with my questioning. You can continue with what you were about to do," Yun Jian told Bear.Might as she stood aside, revealing Ye Yunting who was shaking in the corner.

She was reminding Bear.Might about killing the woman who dared insult Gu Sha Mercenaries.

"Mm." Bear,Might and his group had acquiesced in Yun Jian. With his finger on Browning’s trigger, Bear.Might pointed the pistol at Ye Yunting.

"Ah! Ah!" Ye Yunting covered her eyes as she mumbled incessantly, "Don’t kill me, don’t kill me – I’ve done wrong, I’ve done wrong, no..."

"Wait!" Ling Tianhao was ultimately unable to hold back. Watching the younger sister of his comrade who had died saving him, he could let her be killed before himself. This was his promise to his comrade.

Ling Tianhao was a clever man. After watching what happened just now, he knew that the decision-maker of Ye Yunting’s life fell on Yun Jian who they had underestimated since the start.

He looked toward her pleadingly, "Yun Jian, girl, can you... let her go for me?"

Ling Tianhao was entrusted to take care of Ye Yunting by her brother’s last words. He did not want to break the promise. Otherwise, he would not even bat an eye if Ye Yunting were to die a thousand times in front of him.

"Oh?" Yun Jian raised a brow at Ling Tianhao.

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Knowing the man’s relationship with Ye Yunting, she had expected that he would ask her to have mercy on the latter.

Bear.Might halted pulling the trigger when he saw Yun Jian responding to Ling Tianhao.

"Why should I let her go for you? Who are you to me?" Yun Jian’s words that followed jolted Ling Tianhao and his friends.

This was the brutal truth. Since when would people from Gu Sha let anyone go for anyone else?

"Never mind. It’s a hassle to take care of the corpse if she’s killed here anyway," Yun Jian talked to herself before she looked at Bear.Might and told him, "Do what you see fit. Keep her alive but someone who’s insulted Gu Sha, she won’t escape from suffering even if she escapes death!"

There was an absolute submission from Bear.Might toward Yun Jian’s command.

He nodded. "Yes."

"Let’s go on." Yun Jian narrowed her eyes into a crescent shape, grinning bright and pretty like an average young girl.

Once the others recalled how nonchalant she was to kill Ye Yunting, however, they felt goosebumps racking through their bodies.

What did Bear.Might do to Ye Yunting, one asked. He incapacitated her limbs.

Ye Yunting wailed and screamed in pain before she passed out, but no one cared. She was lucky that she was at least alive.

"There’s no way ahead. We’ve been looking here for a long time," Bear.Might told Yun Jian reverently after he was done with Ye Yunting.

He thought that he had more or less guessed Yun Jian’s identity. Other than that person, who else could possess such a kingly aura!

Just thinking about it made him shudder as he was filled with both deference and thrill.

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