The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 214 - No Way Out, Blow It Up

Chapter 214 - No Way Out, Blow It Up

"No way ahead?" Yun Jian pressed her lips together, observing the surroundings whilst wearing a small smile.

She had long noticed that they were confined in mud walls without any way out. It was a dead end.

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"Even the exit above is sealed," Bear.Might explained once more.

He then elaborated, "It’ll only open when there are people coming in from the outside, but it’ll reseal itself automatically after a while. This way, we’ll stay trapped here until our death."

If Ye Yunting had yet to faint now, she was surely going to make a scene shrieking and wailing from the update. Nonetheless, she was stripped of the ability to even stand up.

"No way out? Then we blow one out." Yun Jian smirked.

She turned to stare at Bear.Might’s stuffed backpack. "You’ve got a bomb in there?"

Bo Zhan and the others were stunned hearing Yun Jian’s odd question. They were here to raid the tomb. Who would bring a bomb on them to do that?

They did not know Gu Sha’s members well enough. Any Gu Sha assassin would carry a big backpack with them when they were on a mission or barging into dangerous territories.

The backpack must consist of explosives. Given, the explosive was not too powerful and would not kill everyone around it once erupted.

Despite everyone’s stupefied stare, Bear.Might did retrieve a mini bomb from his backpack and passed it to Yun Jian. "Yup."

The rest of the group was flabbergasted.

Gu Sha Mercenaries carried bombs with them all the time!

"What are you going to do with it?" Bo Zhan asked as he stood beside Yun Jian.

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His question was valid. They were in a catacomb and were supposed to look for the mechanism. Why was she whipping out a bomb suddenly? Was she bombing the place? Was everyone supposed to forget about escaping alive?

"There’s the sound of wind blowing from the opposite side. It means that there’s a way behind this wall. But it’s currently blocking our way," Yun Jian pointed at an opening and explained.

It was responded with further puzzlement.

The sound of wind? Why did they not hear a thing?

"Hmm, that’s strange. If this is the case, there should be a mechanism here, right? Will it be detrimental if we just blow it up like this?" Sun Jianxiong asked doubtfully.

He continued to analyze the situation. "Besides, there were supposedly many people who found the mechanism and went through the wall before us. Why are we bombing it straightaway?"

"Because I don’t want to waste time finding the mechanism with all of you. And, I have a bomb. Isn’t it more convenient to just blow it up?" Yun Jian arched her brow as Sun Jianxiong, before she snapped her fingers and wagged the bomb in her hand with an idle look.

She was dying to look for him.

Her explanation rendered everyone else speechless.

Yun Jian then warned, "Stay back."

When everyone else increased their distance, Yun Jian lit the bomb and threw it toward the wall. Without looking hasty or panicked, she ducked herself down on the ground.

"Boom!" A thunderous noise accompanied by a shower of dust and sand, the group used their flashlight to illuminate the small hole that was made. What was opposite on the hole was the back of the wall. It was really a passage.

"There’s really a way!" Sun Jianxiong exclaimed in delight.

As he turned around, he could not help swallowing when he saw Yun Jian who looked like she had long been expecting this.

She had actually heard the wind despite the thick wall...

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