The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 216 - The Stone Cave Mechanism. I’m Going To Look For Him

Chapter 216 - The Stone Cave Mechanism. I’m Going To Look For Him

Sun Jianxiong, Bo Zhan, and the group were bewildered again by Professor Su’s words, especially Sun Jianxiong who realized the oddity first. He continued asking the old man, "That’s not right. Professor Su, you said that one has to stay a year here to pass through the stone gate. Even the first ones who’ve explored and came down here have at most stayed a few months?"

"I mean, how is it possible that the young man has already gone through the stone gate?" Sun Jianxiong verbalized his doubt.

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After all, they, including Yun Jian, had just arrived here. They had no knowledge of what happened here in the crypt recently.

"Let me finish." Professor Su swallowed.

He looked high in spirit at once as his zestful gaze looked toward the group. "Stay here for one year and go through the stone gate is only one of the options."

"You mean there’s another choice?" It was Yun Jian who posed the question this time.

Professor Su looked at her once more as he nodded. "That’s correct."

He wore a frown as he pointed at the open stone cave beside the gate.

"That cave is the alternative to the gate," he said.

Bo Zhan and Fu Xin who were professional grave robbers were well versed in knowledge regarding mechanisms as the latter was the first to discern the unusualness of the cave. He cried in alarm, "A whole load of mechanisms would be set inside the stone cave!"

He then ran to study the entrance and returned to the group.

"Forget a person, even a fly could hardly pass through this cave!" Fu Xin’s words were laced with shock when he spoke.

"That’s correct!" Professor Su nodded.

"No one believed it previously. Everyone wanted to go through directly with the stone cave and refused to wait for a year for the stone gate to open," Professor Su said, his expression turning solemn, "All of them, without an exception, died in the cave. Arrows pierced through them from all angles as they died ghastly deaths!"

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The group could not help the chills and goosebumps that ran through them.

"He passed it," Yun Jian said after listening to Professor Su from the side.

It was not a question. It was affirmative. She was certain that he had passed through the cave.

"Yes! Only that young man with his two men passed through the cave!" Professor Su was unprecedentedly ardent as he chorused.

There were no ordinary people among those who had gathered here, assassins and secret agents comprising a large number in them. In spite of it, those who did not want to wait a year for the stone gate to open and opted to challenge the stone cave had all died inside.

Si Yi was the only one who passed!

The mechanisms in the cave came in batches. The person who built the catacomb was remarkable. The mechanisms that he created were only triggered when living creatures wished to pass through. They could be used in cycles too, meaning that the mechanisms could operate hundreds and thousands of times repeatedly even if it had been activated once.

The corners of Yun Jian’s lips tugged up. She pressed her lips together gently but her smile kept growing.

"You guys stay here, I’m going to look for him." Yun Jian looked at the group in front of her but her nonchalant words baffled them.

"Wha – what? Yun Jian, you’re going to challenge the cave?" Sun Jianxiong cried out.

"This isn’t a joke!" Bo Zhan followed.

Professor Su gave Yun Jian another look once over.

She was only fifteen, or sixteen? Was she capable enough to pass?

Those who had wanted to go through the cave yet died inside were all internationally notable names! One of them was even ranked sixth on the international secret agent chart! Even that person did not even manage to go through it.

Could this young girl?

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