The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 217 - You Mustn’t Go. A Lithe Entry

Chapter 217 - You Mustn’t Go. A Lithe Entry

"Little girl, you want to challenge the cave too? Don’t you know how many people were killed there? These people who dare not risk it are the only ones left and have settled here waiting for the stone gate to open." Professor Su breathed in deeply.

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He continued condescendingly, like an elder reprimanding a youngster. "This is no child’s play! The young man with his two men are the only ones who succeeded among those who wanted to challenge the cave!"

"Life is precious. How could you waste something that doesn’t come easy!"

Professor Su assumed that Yun Jian would never get past the cave’s mechanism. If she insisted, her ultimate end would be none other than being shot to death by arrows upon arrows. After all, Yun Jian’s age was apparent. Professor Su could not persuade himself even if he wanted to believe it. Moreover, he was someone scientific.

To ask him to believe a young girl who had not even fully matured could pass the cave was lunatic’s talk!

Although Professor Su meant well and did not want to see more unnecessary sacrifices, his tone did not sound like music to the ears when he spoke.

"Yes, Yun Jian, don’t risk it. Professor Su is right." Sun Jianxiong advised the girl on behalf of the old man as well.

Although Bo Zhan and Fu Xin were quite skeptical that Yun Jian could pass the cave, both of them made no comment.

Bear.Might and his men went mute as well. Bear.Might was silent because he had already guessed Yun Jian’s shocking identity. If Yun Jian was really Gu Sha Mercenaries’... A mere stone cave was no threat to her. It would only be a walk in the park for her to get through the cave!

"Do you all think I’d joke around with my life?" Yun Jian snorted.

"I’m just informing you guys, not asking for your approval."

Yun Jian had never asked for anyone’s approval for her actions.

Her brazen words muted everyone.

"Professor Su is just looking out for you. Why are you so blind to who’s nice to you!" A woman behind Professor Su shouted at Yun Jian, feeling wronged for the old man.

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This was Jiang Jiaoxue, Professor Su’s assistant.

It was normal for renowned researchers in Country Z like Professor Su to have a few assistants around him.

Jiang Jiaoxue had always taken pride in being able to work under Professor Su and was imperious in character.

Yun Jian merely smiled without acknowledging the woman. She glanced at Bear.Might and his men. "You guys stay here."

She then made her way to the cave.

"You mustn’t go! You mustn’t!" Professor Su was huffing when he saw Yun Jian not listening nor believing him.

Bo Zhan, on the other hand, realized that Bear.Might and his men who were also from Gu Sha like Yun Jian, were not nervous at all. His observation was meticulous, so he could not help looking toward the girl who was striding to the stone cave.

Once she arrived in front of it, she leaped into the cave amidst the gasps and exclaims from Bo Zhan, Professor Su, and everyone else who was waiting for the stone gate to open.

"Swoosh – swoosh – swoosh!"

As expected, the mechanism of the stone cave was activated once Yun Jian entered.

Arrows showered like a storm as they aimed for Yun Jian mercilessly.

Just when everyone could already picture her tragic end, Yun Jian somersaulted a few times and took a few lithe steps before hopping past the cave that had killed countless experts. Making a turn, she vanished from everyone’s sight.

"She – she – she..." Professor Su’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

They had only witnessed such dexterity from the young man with two aides a few days ago!

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