The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 218 - Looking For Him Because She Was Worried

Chapter 218 - Looking For Him Because She Was Worried

"She really lives up to Gu Sha’s prominent figure with such skills!" Bear.Might could not help exclaiming in awe when he saw Yun Jian’s agility. His adulation and reverence for her seeped through his tone.

"What did you say? She’s from the Gu Sha Mercenaries?" Professor Su cried as he caught what Bear.Might said.

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Bo Zhan, on the other hand, heard another keyword from the man.

"A prominent figure? Yun Jiang’s a prominent figure of the Gu Sha?!" Bo Zhan asked Bear.Might in stupefaction.

"Hah!" Bear.Might responded with a scoff, ignoring the astonished men. He thought superiorly to himself, if these people had known about Yun Jian’s actual identity, they would have passed out.

Despite that, the b.a.r.e minimum was enough to baffle Bo Zhan, Professor Su, and the likes of them.

Even when Professor Su did not get himself involved in similar fields, he had heard about the Gu Sha Mercenaries’ might. There were only a handful of people who could be referred to as prominent figures in Gu Sha and each of them definitely took a spot of their own in the international ranking.

This explained Yun Jian’s earlier actions.

She was brazen because she could be!

Jiang Jiaoxue clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails stabbed into her palms. From the shock that washed over Professor Su and the group, the girl who tooted her horn just now was someone famous. She huffed, indignant about it. Nonetheless, she could only swallow her discontent.


Yun Jian passed the first stage of the stone cave easily. Lighting the only lighter she had, she made her way forward alone.

Her skills and dexterity had leveled up significantly compared to when she was just rebirthed. This owed thanks to the training she did recently in the military camp.

"Clap, clap, clap."

Stepping on water from an unknown source, Yun Jian continued moving deeper inside the cave.

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What was strange was that there was no more danger after she passed the short span of mechanisms in the cave, but she kept her guard up nevertheless. No one could predict what would appear or what she would encounter in the next second in this inky dark cave tunnel.

Yun Jian took about fifteen minutes trekking in the tunnel before she heard flowing water and hastened her steps.

Making a turn, she was blinded by the abrupt flood of brightness.

Brightness? Yun Jian creased her brows in doubt.

When she got used to the shining light, witnessing what lay in front of her, she had come to the end of the stone cave tunnel.

It was another realm on this end of the stone cave.

If she had guessed right, she had already left the catacomb because the blazing sun hung in the sky above her when she exited the tunnel.

This was the exit? Nothing happened and she came out? Was the sandalwood box secret all a joke?

Are those people waiting for the stone gate to open lingering there for a nonexistent secret?

With the thoughts running through Yun Jian’s mind, a body sprinted past her in a flash as a tall build pounced at her.

When Yun Jian was going to counter in her reflex, a familiar scent wafted into her nose. She was pulled into an embrace next.

"Why are you here?" Si Yi frowned, wrapping Yun Jian into his safe space.

Dizzy, Yun Jian did not push him away nor felt that it was inappropriate. She lay her head on the young man’s c.h.e.s.t.

"You lost contact. So I came to look for you," she said softly.

"Snow Eagle told you personally?" Si Yi’s clear timbre rang above Yun Jian. His tone was laced with a smidgen of anger and a hint of delight that he did not notice.

She came to look for him because she was worried about him.

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