The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 219 - New Discovery – Yulong Mainland

Chapter 219 - New Discovery – Yulong Mainland

"Mn." Yun Jian hummed laying against Si Yi’s c.h.e.s.t before she replied. "I wanted to look for you myself."

There was a wash of smiles on Si Yi’s handsome face as he looked down at Yun Jian, rubbing her head with his fair hand. "Lucky you’re alright."

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He had gone through the mechanism in the stone cave outside. It was easy for him but knowing that Yun Jian went through a similar danger, he worried for her despite her being confident about it.

Having her head patted out of the blue, Yun Jian blushed immediately. She had no idea why she did not push the young man away but his welcoming scent was all she could breathe in.

"Cough, cough." An untimely coughing took the moment away from Yun Jian and Si Yi’s embrace.

The girl slipped away from Si Yi’s arms at once, her heart thumping wildly. This was her first time panicking for being caught hugging a man.

The queen of the international secret agents, Slaying God who ranked first in the world, she was blushing because of this.

"Young master, we have a new discovery." Ya Dang who was the culprit of popping the romantic bubble stroked his nose as he wore a slight teasing smirk on his charming face.

Their young master was really serious about this woman! Would this woman be their young madam then?

"Mm." There was a small tug on Si Yi’s lips before it widened into a handsome and content smile where Yun Jian could not see.

"Let’s go." Si Yi naturally took Yun Jian’s smaller hand.

Feeling the warmth of his larger hand on hers, Yun Jian did not reject him or feel shy about it.

She composed herself before asking him seriously, "Where is this? We went through the stone cave but we’re out, how come? Could the secret of the sandalwood box not be in the catacomb at all??"

Were those people waiting in there hoping for nothing?

Si Yi’s brows were locked together as he took a glance at Yun Jian before answering without reservation, "I suspect that we’ve gone into another world."

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"Another world?" Yun Jian exclaimed in surprise.

"That’s why I sent Ya Dang and Mo Sen to check it out just now," Si Yi spoke with a gorgeous smile.

He then continued. "We have a new discovery now."

His patient explanation stunned Ya Dang who was leading the way in front of them.

Since when did his young master embody patience and tenderness?

Stunned as he was, Ya Dang brought Yun Jian and Si Yi through the woods and finally arrived before a massive rock.

There were a few rows of ancient script etched on it.

Mo Sen stood beside the rock, studying the words carefully. When he saw Ya Dang bring both Si Yi and Yun Jian over, he called out, "Young master!"

Si Yi nodded before Mo Sen pointed at the rock in front of them and told them, "The script on this rock doesn’t belong to any nation or dynasty. I can’t interpret its meaning."

Mo Sen wore a deep frown as he stated.

A script that even Mo Sen could not translate earned scrutiny from Si Yi.

"This is..." Yun Jian suddenly had her arm outstretched as she took two steps forward. Despite Si Yi’s skepticism and Ya Dang and Mo Sen’s astonishment, her hand attached itself to the script.

"The sandalwood box is Yulong Mainland’s ancient magic. One who possesses it will possess incomparable divinity and the art of revival!" Yun Jian uttered word for word as she looked at the script on the rock.

After that, she was stupefied. Si Yi, Ya Dang, and Mo Sen were even more so.

How could Yun Jian understand a script that even Mo Sen could not read?

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