The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 22 - Making A Fuss. Yun Jian On Fire

Chapter 22 - Making A Fuss. Yun Jian On Fire

In Qin Junlan’s subconscious, her younger sister Qin Yirou, should do worse than her in every aspect of life since she was poorer.

Seeing that Yun Jian had bought chicken to make soup for Qin Yirou when the latter still owed her money, how could she afford the poultry if she could not even repay her debt?

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Qin Junlan was even more disgruntled.

"I bought my mother the chicken for nourishment." Yun Jian took a glance at the haughty Qin Junlan, growing more annoyed at her supposed aunt.

She crossly announced for them to leave. "My mom needs rest. Come another day if you have anything else to say."

Yun Jian could empathize that Qin Yirou must have felt heartbroken currently.

She had an accident, her husband was nowhere to be found and they owed the loan sharks a huge amount of debt.

Now her family had come to visit her, just to nag for the money she had borrowed, out of fear that she would not repay it.

In reality, Qin Yirou was truly saddened by the truth. It was just that she did not show it.

"What minor injuries! Yirou’s only hurt her hand, not like she can’t use them forever. We’re all from farming backgrounds. Who’s never gotten hurt? Is there a need to make such a fuss?"

Qin Junlan may have restrained herself when talking to Qin Yirou for the sisterhood they shared, but her attitude was completely different when she spoke to Yun Jian.

Her words were piercing.

She was calling Qin Yirou melodramatic in a turnaround way and scolding Yun Jian at the same time.

Yun Jian could still refrain herself from doing anything to Qin Junlan just moments ago, as she was Qin Yirou’s elder sister after all. Now, hearing what Qin Junlan said, Qin Yirou looked extremely disappointed as she tried to hold back her tears; her chagrin was evident.

It was Qin Yirou’s feelings that prevented Yun Jian from doing anything initially but coming to this stage, it would not be like Yun Jian to remain quiet any longer.

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A sharp-tongued person like Qin Junlan would have been killed more than a hundred times over if she had met the previous life of Yun Jian.

"Since my mom’s injury isn’t serious, would you like to try suffering from the same injury?" Yun Jian side-eyed Qin Junlan with a sliver of killing intent burning in her gaze.

"I – You... Great! How dare you curse me? Sounding so proud huh! Yirou, oh, Yirou, look at your kid, is she educated? How could she even curse her own aunt! What can a kid like this achieve in the future!" Qin Junlan’s words were growing more disparaging as she did not mind a fall out for this trip.

To Qin Junlan, her sister was destined to live her life in sorrow poverty when she married a gambling addict as her husband. What was more, Yun Jian’s academic result was terrible.

Previously, she had kept herself from discord with Qin Yirou because Yun Yi got into the city’s prominent high school. She had thought that Yun Yi could help her children if he were to succeed in the future.

Now? With Qin Yirou’s injury, Yun Yi’s tuition fee in the city’s high school would be an issue.

That was why Qin Junlan let her mouth run loose.

Hearing what Qin Junlan said, Qin Yirou was even more disheartened.

This was her biological sister! Yet venomous words were spilling from her lips. How could she not feel inconsolable!

Opening her mouth, no words came out from Qin Yirou. Tears streamed from her cheeks like an opened tap.

Yun Jian’s hesitation vanished then. Her sharp gaze shifted to the culprit, Qin Junlan, and her leg went to a wooden stool that was the nearest to her. With a thrust, the solid wooden stool was utterly shattered.


The loud noise caused Qin Junlan and the family to panic and take a few steps back.

They had never seen someone who could smash a stool into pieces, the shock that ran through them manifested as disbelieving gazes towards Yun Jian.

The girl who had just displayed an unbelievable feat stood where she was staring at them. "Get out! You’ll all end up like this stool if you don’t!"

– Crushed!

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