The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 221 - Shamelessness Triumphs

Chapter 221 - Shamelessness Triumphs

Jiang Jiaoxue had the looks. She was not as pretty as Yun Jian, but she had a pair of long and fair legs that men favored.

Nearly 170cm in height, she was tall. Coupled with her beauty, she was already popular among her peers when she was studying.

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In addition, she became Professor Su’s assistant at a young age due to her excellent academic results.

This was her pride.

One had to admit to her that she was a woman that fitted any man’s preference as her figure, looks, and studies were all outstanding.

Jiang Jiaoxue herself did not deign to flirt with men. It was because Si Yi was gorgeous and his skills were exceptional that she took the initiative to talk to him. At the same time, she was curious to know what the four of them had seen upon entering the cave.

It was the reason she winked at Si Yi. She even thought that it was wise to sacrifice her beauty when it was necessary. After all, no ordinary man could resist her charm.

It was a pity that Si Yi was not an ordinary man.


While Jiang Jiaoxue was pleased in thinking that Si Yi would answer her and she would then use it to mock Yun Jian. Si Yi’s singular word, however, crushed all her fantasy.

The word was yelled out in front of everyone.

Plain and simple, Si Yi did not care about Jiang Jiaoxue.

"Hah." Yun Jian watched with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t, expecting this outcome.

Being shouted at, Jiang Jiaoxue was so shocked that she could not comprehend what happened.

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Nonetheless, she was no ordinary woman either. Her shamelessness would, truly, put everyone else to shame.

By the time she broke out of her daze, she was going to stick herself close to Si Yi once more. This time, her body leaned to him as well.

"Handsome, don’t be so mean. We’re colleagues. I’ll get frightened if you keep up this fierce look." As she spoke, Jiang Jiaoxue was about to take a large step to attach herself to Si Yi.

She felt humiliated when Si Yi shouted at her in front of so many people, but she refused to believe that a man would be able to resist a woman’s soft and supple plea!

Despite Jiang Jiaoxue’s academic background, she was a famed socialite among the upper class society. Any man that came to her was easily tackled.

Before she could move even two steps closer to where Si Yi, however, she was frozen in fear by Ya Dang who stood beside Si Yi.

It was not just Jiang Jiaoxue. Everyone on the spot was dumbfounded.

Ya Dang had pulled a Desert Eagle from his h.i.p.s and pointed the pistol at Jiang Jiaoxue threateningly who was stepping closer. "I’ll blow your head up if you dare take one more step closer to our young master."

As he said that, he shot once toward where Jiang Jiaoxue was.

The bullet flew with a swoosh and amidst Jiang Jiaoxue’s terrified shriek, it flew past her and catapulted into the mud wall.

He really dared shoot the bullet! Jiang Jiaoxue blanched.

Si Yi’s subordinate was already acting so menacingly, she was sure that it was her head the bullet would go through next if she kicked up another fuss.

Jiang Jiaoxue could not help shuddering from the thought.

Si Yi held Yun Jian’s hand again, while everyone watched, and left without a word or a pause.

Retracting the Desert Eagle, Ya Dang walked shoulder to shoulder with Mo Sen behind the both of them.

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