The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 222 - Exiting The Catacomb With A Bomb

Chapter 222 - Exiting The Catacomb With A Bomb

Witnessing that the four of them who had been behind the stone gate were leaving, some of those who had been waiting for a long time thought that there was probably no treasure in there.

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If there was something valuable or contained the secret of the sandalwood box, how could Yun Jian and Si Yi leave the cave so soon?

Hence, a portion of people left with them.

The word spread around fast. In the end, there were not many, only a handful left waiting for the stone gate to open.

If the rest of them knew that there was another world behind the stone gate and that the sandalwood box was inside there too, they would probably kill to go in. It was a pity for them that they would not know. Moreover, Yun Jian and others looked exactly like there was nothing behind the stone gate when they came out.

It prompted the mass to believe that it would be futile to keep waiting, so one by one, they all left.

When all of them came to the stairwell where the first mechanism after descending the well was, they were at a loss since the mechanism closed automatically upon entry and the trigger was outside.

"How are we going out?" A man who had stayed here for a long time asked.

"Yun Jian, did you observe any mechanism?" Bo Zhan moved to stand beside Yun Jian and asked.

"No," she answered faintly but she added right after. "But I have a way to go out."

Hearing that she had a solution, people gathered around her.

She held a different impression to them now, being someone who had managed to go through the stone cave and evaded the storm of arrows. Even when Yun Jian looked young, her previous actions had gained her sufficient credibility.

"What is it?" Bo Zhan asked immediately with anticipation coloring his eyes.

From the start, Yun Jian had behaved differently from others. Bo Zhan was an expert grave robber, but he had never met someone like Yun Jian who could find a mechanism with just one glance, so he had high hopes for the girl.

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"It’s simple." Yun Jian wore a slight smirk before she dished out her idea. "If we can’t go out, then we blow it up!"

Her words caused a buzz among the people in the vicinity.

There was a twitch around the corners of Bo Zhan’s lips. Remembering Yun Jian’s earlier feat of blowing up the wall, he felt his heart stutter as well.

Was it not too casual and reckless that Gu Sha people constantly carried bombs and would ignite them at any time?

When Yun Jian revealed the last bomb that she had looted from Bear.Might, however, those who had never seen a bomb before were stupefied.

"Holy sh*t, she brought a bomb coming into the crypt. That’s amazing!" Someone exclaimed earnestly.


During the person’s appreciation, Yun Jian had already blown up the door of the automatic closing mechanism and went out with Si Yi.

The well was tall and deep but for people like Yun Jian, Si Yi, Ya Dang, and Mo Sen who trained themselves all year round, it was a breezy movement. They swiftly got out of it.

Outside of the dried well, Yu Bufan had been lingering around since his best friends, Bo Zhan and Fu Xin, led Yun Jian and others into the catacomb.

He was worried about his friends not ever coming back again after going into the underground tomb. His anxiety was due to the communication device in his grasp displaying that there was no signal from them.

He paced back and forth restlessly.

"Bufan, don’t you know the truth of the rumor yet? People are basically going on a suicide mission by entering down there one after another! How long has it been, look, has anyone who goes down ever come up? Even if they’re alive, they’ve probably starved to death now!"

Someone tried to talk sense into Yu Bufan, but he suddenly saw the latter staring at the well in shock. Doubtfully following his gaze, the person saw Yun Jian and Si Yi flipping out of the well respectively in a crisp and agile movement.

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