The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 223 - All Are Alive. Returning Home

Chapter 223 - All Are Alive. Returning Home

Yu Bufan’s eyes bulged and nearly fell off when he saw how Yun Jian hopped out of the well so easily.

"You – you’re actually... How..." The person trying to persuade Yu Bufan just now almost dropped his jaw on the ground.

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How was it possible for someone who had entered the crypt to come back alive? It... varied from the rumor greatly.

The person had just finished his words when Ya Dang and Mo Sen sprang out from the well with a plop.

Both of them were skilled and deft, standing behind Si Yi without making a sound after they exited the well.

"You guys came out alive?! This is the catacomb we’re talking about"! The person who talked to Yu Bufan just now pointed at the group with a trembling finger.

The first of people who unearthed the crypt and ventured in had been gone for half a year. Within that period of time, there were plenty more who respectively went in, but the tomb was like a black hole.

There was never someone who went in that ever came back out!

Ultimately, all sorts of rumor about the catacomb being haunted or cursed spread. It stopped some of those thinking to enter the tomb.

After all, there weren’t many who did not treasure their lives.

What in the world had he seen today?

Someone crawling out of the withered well alive?

This was an international miracle!

"What? We can’t be alive?" Yun Jian arched a brow, chuckling at the person easily. There was a relaxed ease and delight that spilled from her.

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Knowing that something could have happened to Si Yi frightened her. Now, it eased her heart knowing he was safe.

"Yun Jian, did you see Bo Zhan and Fu Xin?" Yu Bufan went to Yun Jian with his brows knitted together in worry. He was anxious about his best friends.

Now that he saw Yun Jian and her companions exiting the tomb, he heaved a sigh of relief as he asked her.

"They’re, climbing their way out." Yun Jian moved aside to show Yu Bufan the well.

There was a pair of hands grabbing on to the rim of the well before the sound of legs stomping and pushing were heard around it. A person then appeared abruptly before them as he climbed out of the dried well with much difficulty.

Bo Zhan swiped at his sweat once he got out of the well and turned to Yun Jian, exclaiming, "Why is this well so deep! I saw you guys getting out of it so easily. If I knew that climbing out of it is so tiring, I’d have asked you guys to make Bufan save us with a rope!"

Yu Bufan and the other man who had been talking to him earlier noticed a keyword.

Bo Zhan said "us". Did it mean there were more people who were alive?

Both men were flabbergasted. With Bo Zhan’s help, they found a group of people to save everyone else who was at the bottom of the well.

When their encounter in the crypt was mentioned later, Bo Zhan had only recounted Yun Jian’s capability. By the time he looked for her to explain things to everyone, Yun Jian, Si Yi and their men had disappeared. Bear.Might and his men as well.


At the same time, Yun Jian had looted Bear.Might’s SUV and was rushing to the airport to go back to Country Z with Si Yi and his men.

Bear.Might and his men could only lament at their fate as they could not refuse the daylight robbery when they considered Yun Jian’s identity.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen were assigned tasks by Si Yi when they got to the airport while the latter took the plane back to Country Z’s Longmen City with Yun Jian.

What all of them did not know was that in the following days, what happened in the catacomb would be published in international headlines. It was just that there were only names but no photos on the news.

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