The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 224 - Preparing For An Auto Show. By Fortuity

Chapter 224 - Preparing For An Auto Show. By Fortuity

As she was already informed, Qin Yirou and the school were not alarmed during the days Yun Jian was missing.

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After settling down, Yun Jian received news from Zhang Zhifan.

The shop’s renovation was now completed. What was left was the importation of automobiles.

Yun Jian had already decided on the route to import the vehicles. Once the interior of the shop was furnished, she would send Alluring Demon to contact the relevant personnel. After that, the contacts would be passed to Zhang Zhifan to follow up with the subsequent administration.

It was a car dealership. Despite that, cars did not rake in high sales in 1998. Judging from most of the households during this era, cars were luxurious consumables.

Buying a car meant constantly pumping gas, in addition to the high selling price, national tax, plus necessary procedures related to the purchase. It was not a simple transaction to buy and own a car.

Hence, Yun Jian’s target consumers were wealthy and powerful big bosses.

Yun Jian’s company, New Cruise, was just established while its reputation in Longmen City was yet to be secured. Some tycoons had not even heard of the company name before, how could they visit the shop to buy a car?

Under such circ.u.mstances, Yun Jian planned to organize a large-scale auto show in Longmen City.

An auto show was, quite literally, an exhibition of cars to the public. At the same time, she would invite famous and reputable personages to increase her company’s public exposure.

Without a doubt, organizing a car show required sufficient funding but Yun Jian was not worried about it.

As for inviting personages for publicity, Yun Jian had plans as well.

She scheduled the motor show to be held one month later.

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Within the month, Zhang Zhifan was tasked to order the cars and import sedans. He was to make sure to prepare everything for the auto show. Yun Jian would take care of the rest of the affairs like VIP invitation to the exhibition and whatnot.

Zhang Zhifan was dutiful toward Yun Jian, nodding in agreement at her arrangement.


When Yun Jian returned home, she realized that Qin Yirou had long gotten back.

With a smile, she made Yun Jian dinner and sat with her.

"Mom, what is it?" Puzzled, Yun Jian asked.

Qin Yirou used to come home late. Her job as a server in the hotel was not the most tiring, but she was dismissed late. Now that she was home early today, it struck Yun Jian as an odd occurrence.

"Xiao Jian, mommy found a better job. It’s easy too, less labor but higher pay! I’ll make fifteen hundred yuan a month!"

Qin Yirou had to toil hard in the past to make a few hundred yuan a month, so she was overjoyed today.

Yun Jian was happy when she saw how happy her mother was, asking her, "What job is it, mom?"

"Oh, I’m just going to be a cleaner but they pay well! It’s not tough work too. I just have to clean all the floors every morning, noon, and evening!" Qin Yirou chirped.

She continued. "The place I’m going to work in is a company that’s just starting new in our area, New Cruise, a car dealership! The boss is starting a big business! I heard that the shop is bought for over ten million Chinese yuan!"

Qin Yirou smiled saying, "I saw that they were hiring cleaners so I went to try it out and they actually hired me! For fifteen hundred yuan a month!"

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