The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 226 - Romance Idiot. MatChapter Making

Chapter 226 - Romance Idiot. MatChapter Making

Si Yi’s inexplicable action shocked both Qin Yirou and Dong Ruan, while Yun Jian who stood in front of him widened her eyes.

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Her heart began thumping uncontrollably against her ribcage.

"A – A-Yi, Xiao Jian and I have already found a rental outside. We’re going to move there today." Facing a seething Si Yi, Qin Yirou could not help softening her tone.

She did not even realize why she was not bewildered at Si Yi’s action.

In fact, Qin Yirou was someone who had never come across romantic love. She had never liked Yun Jian’s biological father, Yun Gang. Back then with her poor family background, she married him because her family arranged for her to.

Qin Yirou had never experienced the sweet joy and pamper of love, so she was only confused by Si Yi’s inexplicable action.

Dong Ruan was a different story. Stupefied as she caught on immediately after regaining her composure. Her nephew was probably... interested in Yun Jian.

She knew that no woman could ever approach Si Yi despite him being already nineteen years old. Forget approaching, no woman even dared take a few steps closer to him.

Since Si Yi’s mother, Dong Ruan’s elder sister, had passed away, Dong Ruan’s protective maternal instinct had extended to Si Yi. She felt responsible to take care of him since he lost his mother as a child.

The biggest worry for Dong Ruan was Si Yi’s marriage.

Her nephew excelled in everything and his looks were impeccable. He was, however, a black piece of paper in terms of romantic relationsh.i.p.s.

Hence, it was like a tidal wave had swept over Dong Ruan when she saw the scene.

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She was hopeful for personal reasons but she also quite liked Yun Jian.

Now that she saw Si Yi’s action, she quickly persuaded Qin Yirou on behalf of Si Yi, "Oh, Yirou, see, why are you insisting to move out with two children! Just stay here! Even my nephew is reluctant to have you guys leave!"

As she spoke, she held Qin Yirou’s hand and patted it, saying gently with a slightly fatigued voice, "Yirou, just stay here. I’m alone here with my son too. It’s usually too quiet in this empty villa. My lover passed early. I’m happy that you guys are here. My son is more often than not at school too, so in the past, I had to face a barren house when I got off work, it’s saddening."

"So, don’t go, Yirou!"

Dong Ruan was sincere. Since her husband passed away in a car accident, she had been living alone with her son. They were well to do but her son studied in a private boarding school and was not often home within a year.

When Qin Yirou and her family moved in, she was genuinely happy.

It was not like Si Yi stayed long in her house either.

While Dong Ruan persuaded Qin Yirou, Si Yi’s grasp on Yun Jian’s hand tightened.

He was not letting her leave.

Pressing her lips together, Yun Jian wanted to say something but nothing came out of her parting lips.

Qin Yirou did not seem to see Si Yi grabbing Yun Jian’s hand, a little slow to notice the unspoken feelings. Despite that, she finally nodded at Dong Ruan tearfully upon the latter’s ceaseless persuasion. "Okay, we’ll stay!"

Yun Jian’s cheeks were already flushing. She made a struggle to free her hand but her act was in vain and she gave up the attempt. It was all caught by Dong Ruan.

Thoughtful, the woman had the intention to play cupid.

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