The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 227 - Dong Ruan’s Thoughtfulness. The Wonton Soup Restaurant

Chapter 227 - Dong Ruan’s Thoughtfulness. The Wonton Soup Restaurant

The moment Si Yi heard Qin Yirou saying that they would stay, a charming smile tugged at his lips during an unnoticeable instant.

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She was not leaving.

He could see her as long as he stayed here, minus the days Yun Jian would have to board in the school.


Ever since then, Si Yi would only leave to take care of necessary affairs during the weekdays when Yun Jian had to stay in the school. When Yun Jian came back from school for the weekends, she could see him each day. – The girl was incredibly surprised, but all this would be for the future.

By the time Dong Ruan helped Qin Yirou place all her belongings back in the villa’s rooms, it was already half past four in the evening.

"Yirou, I don’t have to work today and all of us are around. I’ll buy dinner tonight, let’s go to a restaurant?" Dong Ruan asked Qin Yirou with a glimpse at Yun Jian and Si Yi.

Afraid that the woman would refuse, she struck her memory. Dong Ruan told Qin Yirou, "Remember when we skip class in high school and sneak out to have wontons?"

Dong Ruan searched her memories and smiled ruefully. "That wonton shop is still running. Let’s have dinner there tonight, what do you think?"

Dong Ruan had decided to go to a restaurant to create an opportunity for her nephew to spend more time with Yun Jian. Yet, as she spoke, she could not help being absorbed in the memory of the silly things she and Qin Yirou used to do.

They had learned how to play truant like the others, skipping school just to have a bowl of wonton soup.

Qin Yirou was not quite agreeable to going to a restaurant. Perhaps she had too many impoverished days, it was a habit she could not break in the meantime.

In spite of it, she was more or less reminiscent of the place that held significance to both her and Dong Ruan.

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"Sure!" she agreed swiftly.

This past memory was unforgettable, even when they had already grown to be a.d.u.l.ts, gotten married and had children, however, some past events were growing blurrier in their mind.

Some things changed without a warning, like the car accident that Dong Ruan’s husband got into, or the failure of a husband, Yun Gang, whom Qin Yirou married.

Only good memories were the most worthy of reminiscence.

"Okay, let us go there then!" Dong Ruan said with a grin.

It was only the four of them.

Dong Ruan’s son was studying in a private school while Yun Jian’s brother, Yun Yi, studied in a prime high school with a heavy workload, rarely having time for a break.

Dong Ruan’s car was a black Audi sports car that could only ride two people at a time.

With Qin Yirou, Yun Jian, Si Yi, and Dong Ruan included, there were a total of four of them.

This meant that they had to drive two cars with two people in each.

"Yirou, come with me. We can talk about our high school days. I miss that era so much," Dong Ruan spoke as she pulled Qin Yirou’s hand leading her towards the Audi sports car. She did not forget to comfort Qin Yirou about Yun Jian too. "A-Yi has a driver’s license. Two of them teenagers will share a common topic as he drives with Xiao Jian."

Yun Jian who stood at the back and was frozen speechless.

When Dong Ruan drove away with Qin Yirou, it was only then Si Yi walked over. Looking at the girl with a smile, he told her softly, "Let’s go."

Yun Jian watched as Si Yi headed for the Lamborghini sports car before she followed after another moment of stupor.

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