The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 229 - Cupid’s Chances. Bumping Into Chu Ning

Chapter 229 - Cupid’s Chances. Bumping Into Chu Ning

Old Madam Xu cackled, looking at Si Yi’s actions as if reminiscing her own past. "Ah, it’s great to be young, isn’t it!"

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Yun Jian choked even harder when she heard her.

With a loud snap as he pushed his chair back, Si Yi stood up to his full height and went behind Yun Jian to stroke her back.

"Do you feel any discomfort? Eat slower, be careful not to choke." Si Yi’s tender tone surprised even Dong Ruan who was his aunt.

The woman knew that her nephew had always carried himself with a frosty aura and was usually aloof toward women, but now... Dong Ruan could not help swallowing.

He was committed this time!

She had the urge to give herself a pat on the back. It seemed like she was right in wanting to match Yun Jian to her nephew!

As for Qin Yirou, she should have noticed something by now no matter how ins.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e she was about love. Yet, her concern was on Yun Jian, so she did not pay attention to anything else. Standing up, she asked Yun Jian anxiously, "Xiao Jian, how do you feel? Are you alright? Don’t eat the wontons so fast! You have to chew them slowly! Eat slowly..."

Her hand was reaching over to help Si Yi pat Yun Jian’s back as she spoke.

"Yirou, it’s fine! Choking on something is normal. Let A-Yi handle it. He’s good at this. Let him pat her back, she’ll be fine in no time!" Dong Ruan pulled Qin Yirou and told her with a cupped palm, standing on the side while chuckling.

Qin Yirou actually thought that Si Yi had learned some special sort of massage and was completely relieved.

Yun Jian caught her breath swiftly, still looking fl.u.s.tered.

Si Yi’s hand had gone up and down her back just now. She could feel his palm on her skin brush past the straps of her bra. Feeling a hand on where she had never been touched, it gave her goosebumps. Yun Jian quickly waved her hand. "I’m fine, I just got choked accidentally. I’m okay now."

Si Yi only wore a handsome grin.

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Old Madam Xu sang praises again when she saw the interaction, basically going on about how Yun Jian and Si Yi should be together.

It amused Qin Yirou.

In spite of it, she would not think more about it. Si Yi was far too outstanding to her, be it his family background, his character, or his looks. She thought highly of Xiao Jian too, but their family background would not match her up to someone like Si Yi.

Otherwise, Qi Yirou would love to see Si Yi as her son-in-law. Yun Jian was young but according to her mother’s view, she would be fit for marriage a few years later if they were in the countryside now that she was fifteen.

After the wonton dinner, Dong Ruan towed Qin Yirou to stroll down the street they used to frequently explore when they were younger.

It was without a doubt that Dong Ruan was creating opportunities for Si Yi to spend time alone with Yun Jian.

No matter how slow Yun Jian was, she could see through Dong Ruan. She blushed but she did not reject Si Yi’s initiative. She could feel that she did not dislike spending time with the young man. Anything deeper than that, she did not know.

Yun Jian and Si Yi strode along another busier street, walking shoulder to shoulder.

Si Yi who stood beside Yun Jian had both his hands in his pants pocket wearing a smile, looking quite happy.

Both of them roamed around aimlessly.

The street was in the bustling part of the city, so there was more crowd. Suddenly, a lively person flashed in front of Yun Jian.

When she saw who it was, she was slightly startled. The other person was surprised as well.

"Wow! My Yun Jian Jianer! This is such a delightful coincidence to bump into you here! The person was none other than Chu Ning.

Chu Ning was one year older than Yun Jian and was currently a freshman in senior high school. She came out with her friends today to shop around and had charged here to greet Yun Jian when she saw her unexpectedly.

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