The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 23 - She Stole Her Own Money

Chapter 23 - She Stole Her Own Money

She was not joking.

Qin Junlan and family felt a tingle on their scalp; it was inkling to the goosebumps that were overcoming them with inexplicable fear.

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The source of their fear was the bony young girl standing in front of them.

A loud gulp sounded when Qin Junlan swallowed, obviously intimidated by the scene just now.

Her sharp unforgiving tongue was tied for a long time.

Qin Yirou was also surprised by Yun Jian’s action, thinking since when did her daughter hold so much strength in her legs that she could crush a wooden stool.

"Still here?" Yun Jian suddenly spoke in her lower register, frightening Qin Junlan and family once again.

In addition to Yun Jian’s chilling aura, Qin Junlan was thoroughly intimidated.

Nonetheless, her pride disallowed such reality!

As Qin Junlan pushed her family and herself out of the room, she continued chastising in a panicky tone, "Oh my god! Why does the Qin family have an insolent brat like this! She wants to beat up and kill her own aunt, what can a girl like this grow up to become..."

A round of bashing later, the group of people fled.

After that, the ward finally regained its peace. However, Qin Yirou’s mind remained perturbed.

Yun Jian did not know how to console her and could only walk over to place her hand on Qin Yirou’s back to give her a pat.

"Mom, don’t be upset. We’re living for ourselves. We don’t have to be sad because of others." Yun Jian comforted Qin Yirou.


Today was a weekend where Yun Jian was supposed to return to school for an evening self-study session but she had applied for a leave.

She knew that a tough fight was waiting for her back in school.

She was the culprit of Lin Mengyu’s hospital admittance and Lin Mengyu’s father was Xinjiang Town Junior High School’s principal. The incident would never end so easily but Yun Jian was not afraid.

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When Qin Junlan came tonight, it made Yun Jian further realize that her family was basically poverty-stricken.

Living her life at the top of the world in her previous life, what Yun Jian lacked the least was money. In the past, a mission of hers began from at least one hundred million US dollars.

Rebirthed to an ordinary junior high school girl’s body now, it allowed her to experience the life of a commoner as well as the petty issues that came with it.

That said at least she did not have to live life on the edge now.

It was Monday the next morning. Yun Jian applied for a leave from her homeroom teacher and took the public transport to Longmen City center after sending Qin Yirou breakfast.

She took the trip to the city in advance as her family was in urgent need of money. The dunning loan sharks and yesterday’s Qin Junlan were both evidence of the fact.

Her purpose in going to the city was to make money in the fastest way possible.

Using the allowance Yun Yi had forced her to take before he went back to school, Yun Jian took a ride to the busiest part of Longmen City.

As the sun rose early in the morning, Yun Jian who was wearing casual attire and a high ponytail marched to the liveliest part of Longmen City, the bustling Huaren Street.

Huaren Street was a street in the city that could cater to everyone’s needs.

Here, you could find anything you wish to buy or need to use.

Yun Jian’s destination, surprisingly, was the only internet café with the newest furnishing in Huaren Street.

The internet cafés of this era charged around four Chinese Yuan for an hour. Yun Jian paid for it and sat herself down before the computer.

As mentioned, she was not only the ace of secret agents, she was an expert hacker.

For now, she could yet figure out how to earn fast enough, so she planned to steal money by hacking into systems.

In spite of it, she was not thinking to simply hack a company, although she was confident that she could thoroughly collapse the finance department of any corporation in the shortest of time.

This was illegal in Country Z. It was not in Yun Jian’s mind to be the first one to break the law.

The finance department that she planned to heist from was not anyone else but an organization that she had founded when she was still the Slaying God during her previous life as a secret agent.

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