The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 232 - Pan Mountain Roadway – A Motorcycle Race

Chapter 232 - Pan Mountain Roadway – A Motorcycle Race

"I’ll be excusing myself then," Yun Jian told Chu Ning with a smile.

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"Let’s gooo. Yun Jian Jianer, let’s go watch! Come on, come on!" Chu Ning tugged her sleeve and winked at her before whispering, "We’re going on a mission in two days. Let’s have some fun with the time we have left."

Yun Jian took a glance at Si Yi who was beside her and ultimately nodded at Chu Ning.

She had not wanted to continue the stroll, but once she thought about having to walk alone with Si Yi after leaving Chu Ning and her friends, her heart thumped fast as shyness engulfed her.

Hence, she agreed to go with Chu Ning and her friends.

As for Si Yi, he did not oppose it. His eyes had only been on Yun Jian all the while despite his good looks attracting attention to himself. There were definitely many pairs of eyes that scanned him as they went along their way.

"Let’s go then!" Chu Ning held Yun Jian’s hand casually, like they had been long-time friends, and walked ahead.

The Pan Mountain Roadway was on a mountain located not too far from where they were.

The mountain was named Pan Mountain, so the main road was simply called Pan Mountain Roadway. It was built in the middle of the mountainside.

Some wealthy heirs, prestigious families, or big bosses of Longmen City had a penchant for thrills like car or motorcycle racing. These races would usually be held at the Pan Mountain Roadway.

Therefore, the road had another name, called "Roadway of Life and Death".

Yun Jian and the teenagers walked there.

The night breeze was chilling but Si Yi stood beside Yun Jian to block the wind from her.

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It was not a long walk from where they had been roaming to the Pan Mountain Roadway. By the time they were there, the spectators of the race were already cheering in gusto.

"Look over there!" The enthusiastic boy who suggested they come to the motorcycle race shouted. His name was actually Situ Dun.

With his shout, the others looked over to where Situ Dun’s excitement led him, only to see a man about twenty-five or twenty-six years old with a helmet in his hand waving at people around him who watched him in admiration.

"He’s the international motorcycle racer, Lin Wei! He’s Country Z’s pride. At the young age of twenty-five, he’s already the captain of the international motorcycle racing team! Not only is he excellent in motorbike racing, he’s tremendous in car racing too!" Situ Dun introduced the man who was the limelight to Yun Jian and the others in ecstasy.

His tone brimmed with a deep sense of pride, as if he was Lin Wei himself.

"He’s amazing!" One of the girls could not help looking over to said man in adoration.

Situ Dun was pleased when he heard her. His purpose in suggesting to come here was to flaunt his vast knowledge of motorcycle racing.

A boy like Situ Dun did not have other expertises. His only hobby was to study similar topics, so his chin was currently tipped like a proud little swan. In front of Si Yi, especially, he wanted to show that he was superior.

Actually since Si Yi had appeared just now, Situ Dun had not liked him. He was not like Meng Xiyao who was foolish enough to sincerely welcome Si Yi.

Even with the whole groups looks combined, Si Yi was far more outstanding in appearance compared to the bunch. Once he was here, all the girls’ attention was on him. That was why Situ Dun was desperate to show his best self forward and surpass Si Yi.

What Situ Dun did not notice was Yun Jian currently looking over to Lin Wei with squinted eyes.

She thought that he looked familiar. Lin Wei... Was he not the killer who ranked fourth in the assassin ranking? He was someone from An Hun Group too!

When Yun Jian turned to Si Yi subconsciously, she saw a small smirk playing on his indifferent expression, looking devilishly gorgeous.

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