The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 233 - Stopping The Motorcycle With A Kick

Chapter 233 - Stopping The Motorcycle With A Kick

Si Yi’s lips were lightly pressed together in a smirk. As he felt Yun Jian’s gaze, he turned to her, his soft tone making her heart stutter.

"What is it?" His rich baritone voice was melodious to listen to.

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"Nothing." Like a student who was caught red-handed by their teacher, she turned away from Si Yi, her cheeks burning in the next second.

She already knew that Si Yi was An Hun’s leader, so Lin Wei was his underling.

Yun Jian knew Lin Wei as well. The reason she could recognize him at a glance was because the man was once her superior. He was in charge of training her in An Hun back when she was Slaying God in her previous life.

Lin Wei’s style of assassination was decisive, he was incredibly brutal in his ways. Yun Jian had acquired her skills in her past life under his training.

Lin Wei was just an ordinary man out in the open, an international motorcycle racer. However what was not made known to the public, was that he was the fourth assassin ranked in the international assassin chart.

Yun Jian knew about it.

An Hun Group had four commanders, Snow Eagle, Ya Dang, Mo Sen, and the last one – Lin Wei. He was also one of the four An Hun commanders. At the same time, he was the most mysterious one out of them.

It took Yun Jian a long time before she managed to investigate Lin Wei’s identity as one of the four An Hun commanders too.

As for Lin Wei ranking fourth on the assassin ranking, Yun Jian disagreed with his title. She was personally trained by the man. Although her competence in her past life had surpassed him, from what she knew about his capability, the man who looked harmless on the outside could at least rank second on the chart given his actual ability!

Now, she was provided with the new information that Lin Wei worked under Si Yi.

"It’s starting, it’s starting! The race is beginning!" Situ Dun disrupted everyone’s thoughts as he was suddenly enlivened, pointing at the racing spot and making everyone look there as well.

Yun Jian’s gaze followed Situ Dun as well. Seeing Lin Wei, who had a strong build, already put his helmet on and was seated on his motorbike with a leg on the ground. With the referee’s gun made a bang and he sped off with his motorcycle.

The atmosphere at the mountain reached its peak.

Situ Dun, like the crowd, rallied, "Go, Lin Wei! Victory for Lin Wei!"

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His shouts were extremely loud, as if he was afraid of others not knowing that he was a fan of Lin Wei.

The result was predictable. Lin Wei won.

Yun Jian was not the least bit shocked. After all, she was taught by the man and was well aware of his capabilities.

It took a long time after Lin Wei arrived at the finishing line until other motorcycles caught up and reached the end of the race as well.

"Ah! I lost control of my bike! Help!" A black motorcycle charged out from the winding road into the watching crowd.

People screamed and shrieked, trying to escape; some who got scr.a.p.ed past by the motorcycle were flung away from the speed.

The motorcycle rammed straight ahead and came catapulting toward where Yun Jian and her friends were.

"Ah!" Xiao Guizi was the first to cry out, completely terrified.

Chu Ning blanched as well. She had been training her skills but the speed and momentum of the motorcycle were too much! She did not have the strength to defend against it.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. Just as she was about to act, when a tall figure flashed past her.

When everyone snapped out of the daze, the motorcycle was already kicked to the ground by that tall figure.

The momentum and velocity that the vehicle carried were halted at once.

It shocked the crowd when they finally realized it.

It was Si Yi!

Yun Jian was equally astounded.

She knew that Si Yi was good but she never expected him to possess such speed! Even if the speed of her past life was increased ten fold, she would not be able to contend with someone like him!

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