The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 234 - Tinkered With. First Kiss In The Bush

Chapter 234 - Tinkered With. First Kiss In The Bush


Everyone there gasped, both horrified and floored by what happened.

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Yet, Si Yi slipped his hands back to his pants pocket after kicking the motorcycle that lost control down to the ground. He went back to stand beside Yun Jian, as if nothing had even happened.

Only the motorcycle lay on the ground with swirling wheels and the rider’s cry for help as he was stuck under the bike, unable to hop off in time. It was evidence that what happened just now was a reality.

The person who was the most alarmed was Situ Dun. He did not like Si Yi, assuming that he was just a pretty boy, however, he was actually skilled!

In spite of it, his astonishment did not stop there.

When Lin Wei caught the noises of the accident here, he turned around and froze when he espied Si Yi who was here. With a large stride, he came to Si Yi the fastest he could and bowed to Si Yi respectfully. "Young master!"

An international motorcycle racer was bowing down to Si Yi. What in the world did this mean?

The crowd felt their eyes twitching, especially Situ Dun.

He had been blowing his trumpet leveraging the little facts he knew about Lin Wei and the latter was now acting reverently toward Si Yi. Once Situ Dun thought about what he boasted about earlier, he felt like he had just made a fool out of himself.

The boy felt like sobbing but there were no tears to be cried.

"Mm." Si Yi nodded at Lin Wei with a soft hum. He then glanced at the motorcycle that lost control and told the latter, "You know what to do."

"Yes!" Lin Wei replied.

Yun Jian blinked, her sharp eyes studying the motorcycle as well. She noticed the anomaly too – the motorcycle had been tinkered with. Otherwise, why would it suddenly lose control?

Even then, there were so many people here. Why did the motorcycle run toward where they were of all places?

Coincidences did not happen in this world. It was apparent that someone had planned this with the target being Si Yi.

"Let’s go." Yun Jian was still scrutinizing the motorbike when Si Yi turned and grabbed her. His deep eyes were trained on her while holding on to her hand, as they walked back along the route they came from.

"Yun Jianer, are you guys... leaving?" Chu Ning instantly called for Yun Jian when she saw her leaving. She was a little hesitant as she was quite scared of Si Yi at this moment.

"She has to leave." Si Yi tugged her away before Yun Jian could answer Chu Ning.

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"See you two days then," Chu Ning swallowed and called out in spite of her fear toward Si Yi when she recalled his piercing gaze.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded with a hum but she was already some distance away, yanked ahead by Si Yi.

The way down the mountain was dark without any street lights.

"Someone’s ambushing you just now?" Yun Jian asked.

She already knew that someone was out to assassinate him.

"Mn." Si Yi made a deep nasal sound.

Just as he hummed, his deep and sharp eyes glinted.

Yun Jian, too, noticed the difference in their surroundings.

Someone was coming over!

When she had her eyes narrowed and was about to react, Si Yi wrapped his arm around her waist and rolled into a tall, dense bush at the edge of the mountain speedily.

Fighting off the dizziness, Yun Jian then saw Si Yi’s magnified handsome face above her.

If there was someone around, one would see them hiding in the bush in a suggestive position, one on top of the other.

Yun Jian was going to push Si Yi away when she heard a clutter of footsteps. She froze immediately.

There were people here!

These were, of course, people who wanted to kill Si Yi!

If it were not for Si Yi and Yun Jian’s sharp hearing, they would not be able to catch onto the sound.

Si Yi’s breathing grew labored as he pinned himself on top of Yun Jian. The girl’s milky scent was assaulting his nose while her rosy lips were presenting right in front of him, enchanting like a piece of delicious dessert.

The footsteps came nearer then.

With a tug of his mouth, Si Yi suddenly dipped his head down and pressed his lips on the girl’s supple red lips.

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