The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 236 - Pick Your Weapon Before The Mission

Chapter 236 - Pick Your Weapon Before The Mission

When Yun Jian and Si Yi returned to the villa, Dong Ruan and Qin Yirou were already back there for some time.

Both the women were sitting in the living room, chuckling as they watched the drama on the television whilst having some dessert.

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Dong Ruan was rich, so it was not a wonder for her to be able to afford a television in this era. As for Qin Yirou, it was apparent that she was going to relax for the day as she enjoyed the drama played on the television with Dong Ruan, both of them giggling and chattering.

When they saw Yun Jian and Si Yi coming through the door, Qin Yirou did not notice much, merely greeting them, "Xiao Jian, A-Yi, you guys are back. Wanna watch some TV together?"

On the other hand, Dong Ruan knew that her nephew must have done something major when she saw the kids entering one after the other, with Yun Jian wearing a questionable blush. In spite of it, she acted like she did not see anything, greeting both of them like Qin Yirou.

"Mom, I’m tired from walking around. I’ll go to bed first," said Yun Jian.

"Sure, go up and rest, Xiao Jian," Qin Yirou replied.

"Mn." Yun Jian nodded and went upstairs.

"Auntie, I’ll go back to my room." Si Yi followed Yun Jian up with a straight face.

"Are these kids feeling unwell?" Qin Yirou looked at the boy going upstairs worriedly, wanting to go up and ask about them.

"You call them kids too, we a.d.u.l.ts should stay out of their matters. They’re all teenagers anyway, they should know what’s going on. They’ll know to speak up if they feel sick!" Dong Ruan stopped Qin Yirou and said with a smile.

Qin Yirou let the issue slip, feeling relieved as she continued watching the drama.

Right as Yun Jian got to the first floor, Si Yi was right behind her but he did not do anything. He watched the back of her tiny frame and said, "Good night."

Yun Jian was stunned for a beat when she heard Si Yi’s salute, but she stepped into her room after that.

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Two days later, classes were as usual since it was still a schooling day.

Ge Junjian had already applied for Yun Jian’s leave in advance.

Si Yi was not in Longmen City as well. After all, he was the leader of An Hun Group, he had a lot of matters waiting for his attention. It was just that he had left everything to stay in Longmen City during the weekends where Yun Jian was not staying in the school to spend time with her.

When she arrived at the military training camp, the other six in her team were already there. Yun Jian thus joined the team.

When all seven of them reported themselves in headcount, Ge Junjian told them seriously, "I’ve mentioned that the mission this time is difficult but I believe that all of you will complete it successfully!"

"Each of you is to pick a weapon you feel comfortable with from the armory now and reassemble here. Remember, you can only pick one."

Ge Junjian finished and stood on the spot with his hands on his back.

The seven teenagers went to the weaponry room at once.

The armory was actually a room that housed secret weapons. It was well-equipped with a collection of different weapons.

Once they entered, Chu Xiangnan could not help exclaiming, "Wow, there are so many weapons here! It’s so cool!"

"Pick something you’re comfortable with, then quickly and gather outside." Liu Shiyun who was more composed picked a pistol and headed out.

"Yun Jianer, what are you going to choose?" Chu Ning asked Yun Jian, unable to make up her mind as she scanned the weapons in excitement.

"This one." Yun Jian flipped her palm with a smirk, her weapon of choice lying on it.

It was a butterfly knife.

The weapon she had mastered in her past life was the butterfly knife.

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